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Tips on How To Save Money on Your Favorite Beauty Products

So, I have a secret obsession…

I’m addicted to beauty products. If you’ve been reading the blog for a while, I’m sure this may not come as a surprise but to all my new readers just stick with me. Even as a young girl, I remember being obsessed with beauty products like Teen Spirit, Jean Nate’ perfume and more. Every week, I would save my money so I could stock up on the latest and greatest in the world of beauty. My friends laughed at me, but I didn’t care because I understood early on that a girl needs her beauty projects.

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Would you believe me if I told you I got everything (in the picture below) from my lashes to the lotion I used from CVS?


Over the years my love just continues to grow and it’s evident when you see me that I try to take good care of myself. I make weekly trips to CVS to ensure that I’m stocked up on products I need to get me through the week. I have a morning and night routine that I must follow and if I’m missing one product, I feel like my whole routine is off. You would think as I’ve gotten older that my love for beauty products would died down but it has only gotten stronger. If you are beauty obsessed like I am then you already know that buying beauty products can get quite expensive. However, I’ve found a  few ways to help you purchase some of your beauty favs while not breaking the bank.

Here are a few tips when it comes to saving money on your favorite beauty products…

  • Coupons: When it comes to saving money on beauty products coupons are where it’s at. You can check places like your local newspaper and online coupon sites for current coupon deals. I’ve also found that many manufacturers give away coupons when you sign up to be apart of their newsletter or like their Facebook page.
  • Buy in Bulk: If you have certain products that you are addicted to than it helps to buy those products in bulk. I’ve saved tons of dollars just by purchasing in bulk.
  • CVS ExtraCare Rewards: I buy the bulk of my beauty products at CVS because I love the CVS ExtraCare Rewards program. It’s a program that sends you emails on a weekly basis with savings on some of your favorite beauty products. I’ve been a member for years and can’t begin to tell you guys how much I’ve save throughout the years.

Here’s a snapshot of what your emails will look like.

Screen Shot 2016-05-17 at 2.03.52 PM

As you can see, my coupons are based on the products that I typically purchase at CVS. Hence the reason you see so many beauty coupons. I love that you can print out your coupons before you head to the store. You also have the option of saving them directly to your card in case you forget your coupon at home. And if you forget to do all of that don’t fret, CVS have ExtraCare Reward kiosks in all of the stores so that you never miss out on a deal. The app is really easy to get, just search for CVS Pharmacy, create an account and you are good to go.IMG_5559

Here’s another quick tip: CVS Pharmacy and Health have their own line of beauty and health products which cost less but are just as effective as name brand versions. Which include products such as: Manuka honey first-aid pads, adult gummy vitamins, cold and flu K-cups, single-dose children’s medications and more. If you haven’t tried these products, you are missing out! Believe I know,  because I use them all the time.

Disclosure: I’m proud to partner with CVS/pharmacy for the #FindYourHealthy campaign. I am being sponsored by CVS/pharmacy for my posts and activities, but all opinions expressed are my own, and all product claims or program details shared should be verified at or with the appropriate manufacturers.

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