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How Technology Has Allowed Me to Grow My Business

When I started Swa-Rai.com in 2010, I had no clue how much of a role collaboration and technology would play in the success of my business. I’ve had a chance to work with some major brands and I’ve had a chance to learn from them as well. One lesson I was determined to learn was ways to incorporate the use of technology in my business. After all, my business is based on the foundation of technology and all it has to offer.  I knew early on technology would make the difference in growing my digital presence; a lesson that was only deepened when I got a chance to attend the Black Enterprise Women in Power Summit with AT&T a few months ago. I learned so many tips and tricks to staying ahead of the technology curve. I’m always amazed when I’m able to travel and use WiFi to make sure I don’t miss a beat.  Technology has allowed me to be mobile while still handling Swa-Rai.com’s business and it has truly been my saving grace. Whether I’m using it to post my latest travel adventure or my favorite beauty product, I’m always able to keep my readers in the know. With just a few clicks on my phone or laptop, I’m able to live stream with my readers and friends via apps like Snapchat, Periscope, Instagram and more. I’ve been able to use technology to bring my readers closer to me and closer to my travel adventures.

A few weeks ago when I visited Aruba, I decided I wanted to share everything I enjoyed about the island from the beautiful beaches to the amazing food… and that’s just what I did! Snapchatting and posting throughout the entire island.  I was amazed at how many of my readers wanted to visit Aruba based off of the things I was sharing on social media.

Check out a few pictures I snapped while in Aruba and shared via social media…


Here’s a picture I was able to snap and upload before going to the bottom of the ocean’s floor


Who can spot the gecko?


And I won’t even get into the cuteness of these flamingos…The power of technology!


One company that understands the importance of collaboration and technology is AT&T and their support of TOMS! AT&T has helped them grow through the use of AT&T’s Network and technology. AT&T has been there from the beginning and is proud to help TOMS celebrate their 10-year anniversary by  taking fans through a special VR experience, “A Walk In Their Shoes.” This giving trip took place in Colombia and now fans will be able to turn, move and experience the action as if they were there.

What is VR you ask? VR is an immersive storytelling device that allows people to connect with the work that TOMS is doing around the world with the help of AT&T’s network. A technology I got a chance to try first hand at Black Enterprise’s Women in Power Summit. As soon as they put the device on my head I felt like I was relaxing on a beach. I swear, it’s amazing how far technology can take you. AT&T’s fast network made viewing VR content from my mobile device seamless and easy. To learn more about the AT&T and TOMS collaboration go here and to see the 360 video go here.

Disclosure: This post is brought to you by AT&T

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