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My Top 3 Aruba Adventures

A few weeks ago, I told you about my trip to Aruba! This week, I’m back to tell you about my top 3 Aruba Adventures. I’ve said this before and I will said it again, I’m not really an adventure girl…though that’s slowly seems to be changing! While in Aruba I wanted to experience things that I don’t get to do when I’m back home in Chi-Town! Of course, we did the obligatory things like eating and drinking but Aruba has so much more to offer.

Submarine Tour


I don’t know what has gotten into me but while in Aruba, I decided I wanted to go on a Submarine Tour. It tops my list of must dos while visiting Aruba. The tour took us to depths of 130 feet below the Caribbean Sea. While underwater we got a chance to see Barcadera Reef and different shipwrecks. The submarine is the largest passenger submarine fleet in the world, US Coast Guard Certified and fully air-conditioned. There are just some things you never know you need on your bucket list and this was one of them. Watching the submarine submerge from the water was not only captivating but fun.

Here’s a picture I took underwater with my cellphone…


Tip: Bring a camera, you aren’t want to miss this amazing moments

Jet Skiing


Sure you can jet ski anywhere but there’s nothing like getting on a Jet Ski in the crystal clear waters of Aruba. This was my first time ever jet skiing but it definitely won’t be my last. I had to start off slow but once I got used to  it, I was able to pick up a little speed. I definitely suggest doing this with a group of friends and if you’ve never done it before don’t worry they will give you instructions.

Tip: The water is very salty, I suggest bringing a good pair of goggles for better visibility

Horseback Riding

While there my friends went on a Horseback Riding adventure through Aruba. There are various tours that take you through the beaches of Aruba and so much more. The scenery is amazing and you don’t have to worry about being an experienced rider, they will show you what to do.  You even get to ride your horse along the ocean and even check out the Gold Mill Ruins.

Flamingo Beach


And we can’t forget the Iguanas!


While this isn’t necessarily a full on adventure, it was definitely something to see. With real flamingos everywhere you definitely felt like you were on a island. In between sipping on a cocktail and soaking up the sun, I would occasionally get in the water to see the flamingos. Such an amazing experience, almost to real to be true.

Tip: Flamingo Beach is a private beach for Renaissance Aruba so you must be a guest but it’s so worth it.

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