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Fun Ways to Incorporate LEGOs in Your Household

The boychld is obsessed with all things LEGOs! So much so that he made me travel to Minnesota to visit Legoland at Mall of America for his birthday last year. He first discovered his love for LEGO when he received his first LEGO set as a small child and has been into them ever since. What I love about LEGO is that they encourage kids to be creative and I’ all about a child using their imagination. I’ve watched the boychild build entire worlds around LEGOs. He could get lost in them for hours.


For Christmas I purchased him the LEGO Bionicles game for the Wii, the smile on his face was priceless. Now he can watch them come to life in their own show. When he discovered that Netflix recently launched two Lego based shows: LEGO Bionicle and LEGO Friends, he was over the moon. So not only can  he play with his beloved LEGOs, he can now watch them on Netflix.

LEGO_Bionicle 3

But parents don’t fret, Netflix has something for the girls as well with LEGO Friends…

LEGO Friends Camp Wild Hearts Still 2

Here are a few ways we incorporate LEGOs in our household

  • Each week, I challenge the boychild to create or build me something new with his LEGOs
  • We check out LEGO books for him to read each week
  • When he has good behavior at school for a week, he’s allowed to pick up a new LEGO kit.
  • We do LEGO-inspired crafts
  • Watch LEGO Bionicle and LEGO Friends

Those are just a few ways we incorporate LEGOs in our household. We are constantly on the hunt for different ways to make LEGOs apart of our routine. Tell me some of the ways your family incorporates LEGOs into your household? So let the adventure begin and get to watching these shows. We can’t wait to hear what you think about beloved LEGO.

Can’t get enough of LEGO? We don’t blame ya. Check out these other LEGO titles available on Netflix.

  • LEGO DC Comics: Batman Be-Leagured
  • LEGO: City
  • LEGO: Elves


Disclosure: I’m a member of the Netflix Stream Team, all opinions are 100% my own.

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