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Top 3 Reasons to Stay at Ritz-Carlton in Lake Tahoe

Back in May, I told you guys all about my adventure with my good friends at Kia, but what I didn’t tell you about was the great hotel they had us staying at. For this adventure we stayed at the Ritz-Carlton in Lake Tahoe. Now I’ve stayed at many Ritz-Carlton locations but this had to be my favorite. For this to be my first trip to Lake Tahoe, Ritz-Carlton beat my hotel expectations. So here are my top 3 reasons why you should visit Lake Tahoe and stay at the Ritz-Carlton.

The Scenery

2015-05-25 22.28.28

I’ve heard all of these great things about how beautiful Lake Tahoe was but I had no clue how beautiful it truly was.  The scenery in Lake Tahoe is unlike any scenery that I’ve ever seen, I promise every twist and turn was picturesque. The drive up to the Ritz-Carlton was like something out of a movie, there’s something about driving in the mountains that was very soothing. The staff was amazing, they were not only very accommodating but very friendly as well. There’s nothing worse than staying at a hotel with uninviting employees. Once I was all checked-in, it was time to head to my room for a few minutes of relaxation.

Now Lets Talk About My Room

2015-05-25 22.27.55

After a long day of travel, I was in a hurry to get to my room. I was tired and I just wanted to lay face down in my bed. When I got to my room, I knew instantly I wasn’t going to want to leave. I’m a bit of a hotel snob, so if I love a hotel room, then you know it’s good. The room was so cozy, it was way more than I expected. My room was very spacious and the balcony looking at the mountains made you feel like you were definitely in Lake Tahoe.

2015-05-25 22.28.04

Because I’m a working girl, I loved that my room had a work nook. I was not only able to relax but I had an area to get my work done. Another great feature was my bathroom; I love a bathroom that has enough room for me to not only get ready but relax. My bathroom was huge, I loved how the bathroom and shower was in separate rooms within the bathroom.


Last but not least, the fireplace in my room had me ready to install one in my home. I’ve never been  a girl that had to have a fireplace, but there was something about laying in my bed with the balcony door open and the cool breeze that made me fall in love. I could lay there for hours watching the tv and letting the time pass.


Your Next Adventure Isn’t that Far Away


If you came to Lake Tahoe to explore, than you definitely want to stay at Ritz-Carlton. We did everything from trying new restaurants to kayaking. I love how the Ritz was centrally located to everything we wanted to do. And in case you are wondering, yes that’s me kayaking in the middle of Lake Tahoe. Didn’t take me for an adventure girl did you? All-in-all my stay at the Ritz in Lake Tahoe was amazing, I can’t wait to go back when the snow begins to fall because I know it’s going to be even more beautiful.

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