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#TravelTuesday on Around the World in Pink: Tips For Avoiding Lines at the Airport & More

Welcome to another segment of #TravelTuesday! Today, on Around the World in Pink we are discussing some great topics! Travel season is now upon us and we want you to be prepared. This week, I discussed how to Avoid Long Lines at the Airport! It’s a big pet peeve of mine and a lot of other travelers I know, so try these easy steps to help minimize your wait.


Another topic on AWIP is how to get the most out of your hotel stay. After all, we pay these high rates to stay at these nice hotels. Your hotel my come with free amenities that you didn’t even know. Check out my trips on get the biggest bang for your buck!

Getting-the-Most- Out-of-Your-Hotel-VisitThis week Danyelle discussed, Five Safety Tips for Women Who Travel On the Road. When taking a road trip it’s very important to be safe. Danyelle and I had our own scare last year and we haven’t been the same since.  Following these tips can help you avoid a world of trouble later. So check out her tips now and tell us if we missed one.

Roadtrippin-Six-Safety-Tips-for-Women-Who-Travel-On-the-RoadLastly, this week we looked at Getting in the Glow with Disney World’s Main Street Electrical Parade. Have you ever wanted to know what the nightly Disney Electrical Parade looked like, get a glimpse here. If you’ve never seen the electrical parade you are in for a real treat, it’s a must see the next time you visit Disney World!!

Disneys-Electrical-Parade-535x450So there you have it, a list of all the new happenings on Around the World in Pink. If there’s a topic or location that you would like us to discuss feel free to reach out! We have so much coming up, stay tuned and thanks for the continuous support!

See you next week for another #TravelTuesday roundup on Around the World in Pink.

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