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#TravelTuesday on Around the World in Pink: Stay Healthy with the SkyReady Kit & More

It’s #traveltuesday and we are back with tons of new travel stories. By looking out of my window, I can’t tell that spring is almost around the corner but I know it is. With warmer weather comes a lot of travel; so this week on Around the World in Pink we discuss how to stay healthy while traveling. I’ve gotten sick while traveling a few times and there is nothing worse than being sick while on vacation, traveling, etc.  On AWIP this week we introduced you guys to the SkyReady Kit.


SkyReady was created by Rachelle Michelon, an emergency room nurse with over 15 years experience and a mother of two. As a frequent traveler, Rachelle knows the importance of being prepared with the necessary items for a healthy trip. Every item in the SKYREADY pack was selected with the passenger’s health and comfort in mind.  See why we recommend getting this kit the next time you fly!

bagThis week we also did a review on the TravelWise Packing Cube System. I’m horrible at packing so this system was heaven sent for me and will definitely be used the next time I travel. I know that I’m not the only one who is horrible at packing? See why this is a must have travel accessory.

Do-You-Keep-a-Travel-Journal.jpgThis week Danyelle discusses the importance of keeping a travel journal. This is the best way to memorialize your travels so when you are old and grey you will have something to look back on…lol

Have you ever had a horrible travel experience and didn’t know what to do? Well Danyelle gives you 5 Ways to Lodge a Travel Complaint Effectively. These simple tips will ensure your voice gets heard.

5-Ways-to-Lodge-a-Travel-Complaint-Effectively.jpgSo there you have it your weekly recap of what’s new on Around the World in Pink, be sure to check us out weekly. Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

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