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Tech Report: Samsung Glalaxy Note 3 + Gear

I’ve been testing out the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 for the last few months and I must say it’s one of the best phones I’ve ever tested. I’ve used many, many phones in my day but there is something very special about the Samsung Galaxy Note 3. This phone has allowed me to be more efficient than I’ve ever been. Being a blogger, it’s very important that I stay up to date on everything from e-mails to social media, so I decided to take the Galaxy Note to CES to see how it stacked up against other phones I’ve used in the past.

Samsung Galaxy Note 3

While in Vegas, I took both my iPhone and the Galaxy Note 3 and the Galaxy Note put my iPhone to shame. When attending a conference like CES, one must come prepared; the days are long and finding a charger can sometimes take a small miracle. Between uploading on social media and trying to check-in at various locations, mama needed something that would last. We would leave the hotel at 8am and sometimes not get back until well after midnight and would you believe my phone stayed charged the entire time.

So here are my list of pros and cons:


  • Long-Lasting Battery: I was amazed at how long my battery stayed powered, there’s nothing worse than being in a city you don’t live in and not having a phone. The battery life didn’t let me down.
  • Size: While the screen isn’t as big as the S4, it’s just big enough for me. I have small hands so I need a phone that I can hold and still be able to get work done.
  • S Pen: While at CES, mama had to take plenty notes the stylus worked perfectly and allowed me to keep up with all of my information, jot down notes and more.
  • Camera: Lets talk about the 13 mp camera, I hate lugging my DSLR around but my iPhone pictures suck, can I tell you the pictures on the Note 3 are amazing. Now, I leave my camera at home and just use my Note 3 to take pictures. I really couldn’t believe how crisp and clear my pictures turn out. The phone has a front facing camera as well and it comes with cool settings like the beauty shot, perfect when you are taking selfies, etc.
  • Memory: The phone is great on memory, it comes with 3GB RAM; 32GB ROM. That’s more than enough to store all of my pictures and music.


  • Apps like Instagram don’t and Vine don’t work as good. Although no fault of the phone, I found that some apps that were originally made for the iPhone don’t work as well on an android system.



I came to CES ready for war and as you can see Samsung kept me prepared!! 1557462_10152086002864020_900549727_nIn addition to trying out the phone, I’ve also been playing around with the Samsung Galaxy Gear Watch and I love it. The watch is an extension of your phone and allows you to make and receive calls as well as check your e-mail, social media apps and more. I felt real Inspector Gadgetish wearing this watch. I love how it comes in a variety of colors, I chose Rose Gold and boy did it get a lot of attention. I also loved how I could use my Samsung Galaxy Gear to locate my phone, I’m notorious for losing my phone in the house and the Gear made it so much easier to locate. If the Galaxy Note didn’t make sure you stayed connected the Galaxy Gear will. All in all, I’m obsessed with my Samsung Galaxy Note 3 +Gear. This phone has helped me get my life in order, I really couldn’t imagine life without this phone. It would take a whole lot to change my mind.

Disclosure: I was not compensated for this post, I was provided items for review.

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