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Swa-Rai Mommy: Tips to Get the Most of your Disney World Vacation

Tips to Get the Most of your Disney World Vacation


Pre-purchase your tickets
Ticket lines for Walt Disney World park admission can get long, even first thing in the morning. You can easily save yourself 10–15 minutes (at a minimum) by purchasing your tickets before you get to the park.

Arrive at the park early
Arrive at the park early, even before the rope drop if you can. Typically the park gets busier by mid- to late morning. Arrive at the park as soon as it opens to visit some of the most popular attractions before the crowds roll in. If you are staying at a Walt Disney World Resort hotel, you’ll have access to the Extra Magic Hours, giving you an extra hour at the open and close of a select park each day. This is a great option to get in early before the park opens for general admission.

Visit the popular rides first
Each park has loads of rides, but there are always a handful of popular rides that get build lines even right at the start of the day. Ride your favorite of the busiest rides first to avoid the long lines that will develop later in the morning.

Get a Fast Pass
For the popular rides that will have the longest lines, you can elect to get a Fast Pass allowing you to get in a shorter line at a specific window of time. You can usually have only one Fast Pass at a time, so plan carefully. If you ride your favorite ride first as suggested above, you could grab a Fast Pass at that same ride for later on in the day and avoid a line for a second ride. Or grab a Fast Pass for another ride first thing, go on another ride, and then come back. The earlier in the day you can knock off those popular rides, the less waiting you’ll have to do.

Join Single-Rider Lines
Many of the rides at Disney World offer single-rider lines. If you don’t mind riding next to a stranger, this is a great way to avoid long lines. We regularly split up to take advantage of this time-saving technique.

Character Dining
If you plan to get autographs and photos with your favorite characters, consider a Character Dining experience. Many of the more popular characters you’ll see throughout the park at designated times and places can be found at a Character Dining experience—and you won’t have to wait in line to see them. You have to eat anyway, so this is a great way to check two things off the list at once.

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