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March Netflix Report: Science Fair Edition

Hey guys, I’m happy to report that I’m now apart of the Netflix Stream Team. What does that mean for you, you ask? It means I will keeping you up to date on the latest and greatest for all things Netflix. This month on Netflix we are taking a look at Science Fair Greats. Although the boychild has a few years left before we are doing science projects, I figured why not get him started early. My child loves to learn so this month we will be watching a few Jimmy Neutron episodes along with Magic School Bus and How Stuff Works. For those of us who have school age kids, you already know how important this is to start teaching kids about science early. These movies will have your kids putting on their thinking caps, and if your child is anything like my son be prepared to answer a million questions. Little does he know, I’m ready for all of his questions. Netflix has tons of titles for little and bigger kids, so check out this months selections below…


Check out these titles if you have bigger kids:

1. How Stuff Works
2. How Do They Do It
3. Is It Possible?
4. Build It Bigger
5. How the Universe Works
6. Extreme Engineering
7. Mythbusters

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For those of us with little kids check out these titles:

1. Jimmy Neutron Boy Genius
2. Peep and the Big Wide World
3. Magic School Bus: All Dried Up
4. Animal Mechanicals
5. Wild Kratts

Oh and if you are looking for ideas for your child’s next science fair check out this cool experiment.

battery42-681x1024Hopefully, that will help if not check out Pinterest for more ideas. True story, my first science fair I decided to make crystals. I was so proud of my project. It had came out exactly how I expected the crystals to come out. The morning of the science fair we each had to place our experiments on the table in the gymnasium. Well, I didn’t realize that heat melts crystals. Someone turned on the heat in the gym, so when it was time for the science fair to begin, I got back to my experiment only to realize the crystals had melted. I was devastated, I had worked so hard and now I didn’t have a science fair project, I wanted to cry but it taught me to be prepared for anything. Don’t let this happen to you, I’m laughing about it now but I was crying then…lol

I hope  you enjoyed this Netflix Report: March Edition, stay tuned to see what we have for you next month.


Disclosure: I’m apart of the Netflix Stream Team, I wasn’t compensated for this post, I did receive promotional items for review purposes and all thoughts are 100% my own.

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