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Tech Report: Polaroid Kids Tablet 2 Review


Let me start by saying, I love anything that holds the boychild’s interest! Last week, we received the brand new Polaroid Kids Tablet 2 and the only time he puts it down is when he is sleep or at school! He even takes it in the bathroom…sigh! I literally had to wait until he went to sleep just to get a moment to check out what was so cool about the Polaroid Kids Tablet 2.


I got my first glimpse of the Polaroid Kids Tablet 2, while I was CES! I knew immediately that the boychild would be in love and boy was I right. He is just starting to read so it’s important to me that he has tools that further develop his reading skills and the Polaroid Kids Table 2 does just that. You can tell when Polaroid designed this tablet they designed it from a child’s angle. Most tablets are not built for child’s play, I learned this the hard way when the boychild broke my tablet. Not only is the Kids Tablet 2 durable but it has side and rear rubber bumpers to ensure that it’s kid friendly.


The Kids Tablet 2 comes preloaded with over 70 apps from Disney, Marvel and Cartoon Network. This perhaps was my favorite feature on the Kids Tablet 2. Since he is a beginner reader these apps are heaven sent. Everyday for homework he is required to do 20 minutes of reading, whether it’s alone, or with someone, the Kids Tablet 2 makes doing homework a snap. If you are looking for a little entertainment for your child the Kids Tablet 2 comes with safe, filtered videos from Cartoon Network, Kids Vids, and Toon Goggles apps. Another great feature on the Kids Tablet 2 is its wi-fi capabilities. It allows you to connect to a wi-fi connection which is perfect when we are at home and/or traveling. The tablet also allows for web surfing giving you complete control over what your child does and doesn’t do while on the internet. If all of that is not enough or if you are looking to do more then head over to the app store to get additional apps and more. And I almost forgot the Kids Tablet 2 comes with camera which allows him to take pictures and makes videos, something the boychild loves to do.


Here are a few specs you may need to know about the Kids Tablet 2.


  • Display: 7.0” capacitive, multi-touch
  • Screen resolution: 1024×600 (16:9)
  • Processor: Dual-Core, Cortex A9
  • RAM: 1GB / DDR3
  • Cameras: Front & rear cameras
  • Internal memory: 8 GB*
  • External memory: SD card slot
  • Networking: Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n
  • Battery: Rechargeable li-ion polymer (3500 mAh)

So if you are in the market for a tablet that is not only fun but educational then I recommend getting the Polaroid Kids Tablet 2. Polaroid has stepped their game up since the first revision. To get more information or to purchase the all new Polaroid Kids Tablet 2 go here. The tablet is currently on sale at Toys R Us for $99.00, you guys better get them before they sale out.

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