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Food Report: Rocks Lincoln Park Restaurant Review

This past weekend, I was invited to a bar in Lincoln Park called Rocks to try our their brunch/lunch menu. Always looking to try new things, my friend and I headed to Lincoln Park to see what Rocks was all about. Rocks Lincoln Park is set up like your average bar, there were tvs all over and a large selection of beer and adult beverages (ha!). We found a table by the television and began to go over the menu. The thing that sets Rocks LP apart is their food. There were so many options to choose from, I didn’t know where to begin…

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I was starving so I started my meal off with the Chicken Char Nachos. There were 10 house-made tortilla chips, Swiss cheese, diced chicken breast, charred corn, Italian seasoning, Parmesan Romano cheese, avocado cream sauce & chipotle aioli. These nachos were delicious, I was literally licking my fingers. Definitely not something you would expect in a bar but that’s what makes Rocks Lincoln Park such a great place.

20140216_142452My friend wanted the chicken wings, she got a mixture of bourbon BBQ and garlic parmesan wings, with a side of fries. When I tell you guys these were some of the best bar wings we’ve ever had, I’m at home now wishing I had a few of those wings right now. My only regret is that we didn’t try the other flavors. The waitress promptly told me they have 50 cent wings on Mondays, definitely worth the drive.

20140216_142857 20140216_142917I don’t usually eat a lot of burgers but my waitress said they were known for having good burgers, so I had to give it a try; I ordered THE BBBEST BBBURGER. It had bleu cheese crumbles, buffalo sauce & bacon, served on a pretzel roll and topped with sautéed spinach, tomato and onion. This burger was so delicious. I would’ve never thought to put the combination of buffalo sauce, bacon and bleu cheese together but it worked so well.

20140216_144329Of course, the boychild being his usually picky self ordered French toast and bacon and before the waitress could put his food down it was all gone. Usually, you have to beg him to eat his food but not today, he said “Mommy it’s so good”…. So if the boychild thinks it’s good, it must be good.


We were stuffed but decided we couldn’t leave without trying the Fried Snickers Bar.

20140216_151058You know something is really good to you are stuffed but you continue eating! Overall, I really enjoyed my visit to Rocks Lincoln Park. It’s a really good place to catch a game but if sports isn’t your thing I suggest going for the food alone. The prices are reasonable and the service was great. I will definitely be back for a visit real soon, I want to try some of the other dishes I didn’t try the first time. To get more info or to check out the menu go here.

Rocks Lincoln Park 1301 W Schubert Ave Chicago IL – 773.472.7738

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