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Beauty Report: Smile Brilliant Teeth Whitening Kit Review & Giveaway

Your smile is one of your best assets, so for me keeping my smile as white as possible is something I believe in. I make sure I take care of my teeth everyday in an effort to achieve that pearly white smile. While I use whitening toothpaste and mouthwash sometimes a girl needs an extra boost.

Recently, I put the Smile Brilliant Teeth Whitening Kit to the test.

I can’t lie, I’ve tried a ton of teeth whitening systems in the past but usually my teeth end up being more sensitive than they were before and my not turning out as white as I desire. What I like most about the Smile Brilliant Kit is that they have desensitizing gel to help elevate pain for people who have sensitive teeth like me.IMG_7503

If you don’t have sensitive teeth then you can skip right to the whitening process.IMG_7505Another thing that’s different about Smile Brilliant from other teeth whitening systems are the customized trays. With most whitening kits you have to make the trays fit your mouth but not with Brilliant Smile, included with the kit are trays to make molds customized for your teeth. Once you mix the paste together you place the mold in the blue trays and apply them to your teeth. This is so important when teeth whitening, you want to make sure you are whitening your teeth evenly.


After the molds have been made you send them along with the postcard back to the lab and within 3-5 business days you will have your own customized trays.


So here are my customized trays, they fit perfectly! All I did was fill the tray up with the desensitizing gel and put the trays on for 30 minutes. After that I brushed my teeth and applied the whitening gel for an hour( times vary per person).

And here are my results….SB.jpgAs you can see the results are major! You can get more information about Smile Brilliant products here.  Can you believe you get all of this for less than $100 bucks! You can’t beat it!

I’m giving away 1 kit to a Swa-Rai Reader…

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