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10 Minutes with Hairfinity’s New Brand Ambassador Keshia Knight Pulliam

Last month it was announced that Keshia Knight Pulliam was chosen to be Hairfinity’s First Brand Ambassador! Known for her beautiful healthy hair and role as Rudy on the Cosby Show, Keshia has grown into a beautiful young lady! Last month, I got a chance to chat with Keshia about what’s new in her life and to talk more about her new role as Brand Ambassador for Hairfinity.

Hairfinity_KKP_Image4Raijean Stroud: I posted questions asking the readers what they wanted me to askf you, regarding your recent brand ambassadorship and a few other things. One of the big questions people wanted to know was: How did you get started with Hairfinity? How did you become a brand ambassador?

Keshia Knight Pulliam: It really just kind of came together. I’ve definitely been approached by a variety of different hair care brands, products, you name it. It was very important to me to go with something that was in alignment with who I am as a person. First, as a product that I believed in and that I actually used myself. Health and wellness just is who I am as a person and really important to me. I am the whole foods juicing place. Now don’t get me wrong, I love to food, but it’s about a healthy lifestyle. Even with my non-profit and my girls at Camp Kizzy, it’s about empowerment and self-esteem, that I do for a little over 100 every year. This is our temple and what we put in it our bodies is what we are. Vitamins and wellness are my everyday lifestyle. When approached with this opportunity, the first thing for me was to try it out. To see exactly if I liked the product, if it was something I would use. As I’m only going to sell something or put my name on something that I use. That was just of the utmost of importance. To make sure it was official, I used it for 2 months leading up and I saw a difference even in that 2 months. The length of my hair, the overall health of my hair, less shedding and now that its 5-6 months in its definitely growing.

Raijean Stroud: You’ve definitely seen a change in your hair since you’ve been using Hairfinity vitamins?

Keshia Knight Pulliam: Oh yes! The thing is I take vitamins regularly. Even before Hairfinity, I took vitamins daily but I added this to the vitamins that I take daily.

Raijean Stroud: You don’t have to stop taking your regular vitamins? Is this just something that you can add to your regimen?

Keshia Knight Pulliam: Absolutely!

Raijean Stroud:  So one of the readers wanted to know would you ever go natural?  She said when you were on the Cosby Show you had natural, thick, and beautiful hair. Would you consider doing that again?

Keshia Knight Pulliam: I am natural. [laughs].  I have been for most of my life. [laughs]

Raijean Stroud: You know, I thought you were from the pictures but I thought maybe she read something that I didn’t. So how has that experience been?

Keshia Knight Pulliam: For work, I do normally wear my hair flat ironed. For instance, today, I am at home and my hair is not flat ironed, it’s out the shower in a curly bun on top of my head. My hair naturally is curly, tight curls. I live in Atlanta, Georgia, in the summer time, if I’m not working it will be curly all over on top of my head.

Raijean Stroud: How many times a day do you take your vitamins?

Keshia Knight Pulliam: I take them once. There are 2 pills.

Raijean Stroud: We’ve talked about how you’ve been natural; What would you say is your usual beauty routine when you wake up on a regular basis?

Keshia Knight Pulliam: On a regular day, I usually try to take my vitamins first thing in the morning. For some people, depending on your vitamins, you may need to take with food because it may upset your stomach. I haven’t had that experience with Hairfinity. I take my vitamins first thing when I wake up on an empty stomach. I definitely love my long showers. I’m a shower girl, wash your face, brush your teeth. I keep it simple. Honestly, it’s not about a whole lot of product, it’s not about a whole lot of stuff. I take vitamins, I drink a lot of water. On my face, I use Dove soap in the morning. And another thing I use in terms of beauty care, is La Mer  face cream.

Raijean Stroud: What are your top go to hair products that you use now?

Keshia Knight Pulliam: My go to hair products are of course taking all of my vitamins, Hairfinity and my regular multivitamins. Every woman knows, depending on what time of year it is, you have different hair care regimens depending on what your hair needs are. When I wash, I wash and condition it too. My hair is naturally really oily so I put a lot of stuff in it. When I flat iron my hair, I try not to put heat on it every time until I wash it. I have to wash it every 3-4 days. but that’s my hair. One thing I know is I have to do what’s most of my hair across the board. It’s funny how they want something ethnic, but the truth of the matter is the exact hair type. The hair that responds exactly the same way to this product or instrument. It’s truly been a journey of trial and error for me. Trying things, figuring out what works and when I wear my hair curly it’s really about good products that help keep the frizz down for me so I do like Miss Jessie’s products a lot. She has a really good curl conditioner that I use. I can use shampoo from the hotel, when I’m traveling, that’s just fine.

Raijean Stroud: Besides your new ambassadorship role what else can we see with Keisha?

Keshia Knight Pulliam: Really enjoying life. Just always busy and enjoying. I’m just at a place in my life where I’m just doing stuff I really love. Definitely delving more into the production industry. I have my non-profit, which is all about empowerment. Primary thing is planning mode for 2014. Another project is called the “A-List Experience”, with a girlfriend of mine. It’s about fans creating experiences with their favorite celebrities but the catch is every celebrity we work with,  part of the proceeds have to go to charity. Whether it’s their charity or a charity we align them with. We did an experience with Kevin Hart over the summer,  K. Michelle and myself. Again, just enjoying life.

Raijean Stroud: That is a pretty cool concept. I just met K.Michelle when she returned to Chicago and she was awesome. The last question for you: Will we be able to see you on the big screen or television anytime soon?

Keshia Knight Pulliam: Well the Cosby Show and House of Payne are both in syndication! [ laughs]

Raijean Stroud: [laughs] Ok. Anything new?

Keshia Knight Pulliam: Well right now I’m doing this and I have my other companies. So nothing immediate. I’m always looking out for great projects I can connect with.

Raijean Stroud: I’m sure the fans are always looking forward to seeing you. They really wanted to know when they would see you. Well congratulations on your ambassador role and I thank you for your time. Have a good day Keisha.

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