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Tech: Philips Wireless Home Monitoring System Review

While at #CES last year, I received a Philips Wireless Home Monitor to review. For whatever reason, I forgot I had it until recently. After doing some organizing I came across the home monitoring system and decided to give it a try.

1452411_10152004393574020_1831529661_nIt was quite easy to set-up, installation took less than 5 minutes. I started out by deciding where I wanted to place the home monitor. I decided to put it near my entrance way so I could see people entering and leaving my front door. After getting it up and plugging it in, I downloaded the free Philips In.Sight App. I paired the device with the app, added it to my wi-fi and I was ready to monitor my home.

Here is a live shot that I took from my iPhone…

unnamedThis is perfect for those times when you are traveling, at work or just want to check in on your home. Yesterday, I had 3 workers in my house with me. I went into the app and hit record while one worked in one room. I’m very particular about who I let in my home and since I was the only one person it was hard to watch 3 men in 2 different rooms. I simply logged on and watch the other room, while I was watching the other two. And if that wasn’t good enough you also get sound with this app. So you not only get to see what’s going on but you can hear what’s going on.


  • Great alternative instead of buying those expensive home monitoring systems
  • You can use it with your iPhone/iPad
  • It has sound
  • You can add additional cameras to monitor the entire house.
  • It works off of wi-fi
  • Has noise/movement detection built in.
  • Can record video and upload it to your dropbox account.
  • You can monitor your friends cameras (with permission).
  • Perfect as a baby monitor.


  • Must be plugged up (this may or may not be a con depending on where you will mount the camera.
  • The app is free but if you want extended viewing you must upgrade to the pro-account
  • It only records if you hit the record button. So I wouldn’t depend on it to catch a burglar unless you are already recording.
  • Must have a iPhone/iPad.

All in all, I think the Philips Wireless Home Monitor System is perfect for those of us who want to drop in and see what’s going on in our home or as a baby monitor for parents.

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