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#Travel: Cruising Atlanta Streets in the Kia Cadenza

Auto Review: Kia Cadenza

I’ve had the opportunity to test drive several vehicles over the last few years. While each vehicle is unique in its own right, I loved the Kia Cadenza! Earlier this month, I headed to Atlanta for Blogalicious and the good people at Kia gave me my own set of wheels to get around in.

There’s nothing I love more than having freedom when I’m traveling…

Auto Review: Kia Cadenza

As soon as my plane landed Kia had the all new Kid Cadenza in Smoke Blue waiting for me. This picture hardly does it any justice. Anytime, I drive a new car I have to check out all the features. This car came fully loaded and of course you guys know what I checked out first!! That’s right the sound system…don’t judge me! But the sound was amazing! My Cadenza included the 12 speaker premium sound system, again the sound was amazing! In case I haven’t said that enough!

Perhaps my other favorite feature was the navigation system. I loved how the system mirrored the expressway I was driving on, signs and all. The visual arrows and signs made it so much easier navigating the unfamiliar streets of Atlanta.


My favorite safety feature was the Blind Spot Detection System, it made life in Atlanta so much easier for me. Whenever someone was in my blindspot the car would beep letting me know, so I wouldn’t cause an accident. My insurance company would love this system!Auto Review: Kia Cadenza

I just love this car! It was such a great ride and I must say, I’m so proud of the strides Kia has made since this car was first introduced. The improvements you have made doesn’t go unnoticed, Kia has truly stepped their luxury game up.Auto Review: Kia Cadenza

I really wanted to take this car home with me… There are so many more features that I didn’t even list here so make sure you stop by your local Kia Dealership today.

So, what were some of my adventures in Atlanta you may ask? Well, being the cupcake connoisseur¬†that I am.. I stopped by several of Atlanta’s infamous cupcake spots. I also had dinner at some of the places my readers recommended to me…


Stay tuned to the blog for more of my Atlanta reviews, the first one is posted here. In the meantime, to check out the Kia Cadenza for yourself, go here.

Thanks Kia for the great ride during my time at #Blogalicious5.

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