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Restaurant Review: Spondivits Seafood and Steaks in Atlanta, Georgia

Spondivits Seafood and Steaks in Atlanta, Georgia

Whenever I travel, I’m always looking for the best restaurants in the area especially when it comes to seafood. I’m always up for a good seafood meal since seafood is my weakness. After asking my readers and followers for a good place to eat in Atlanta, I was recommended to go to Spondivits Seafood and Steaks in Atlanta.

Spondivits Seafood and Steaks in Atlanta, Georgia

Before going, I decided to do some research online and it seemed like the reviews were mixed so I had to try it for myself. Spondivitis isn’t a fancy restaurant but hell, I’m going for the food not the ambiance. As soon as we arrived we were seated but we went early, I suggest going early if you don’t want to wait.  According to the menu they have been world-famous since 1979, so you know I had to see what all the fuss was about.

Spondivits Seafood and Steaks in Atlanta, Georgia

Before ordering my meal, I decided to try the “Kool-Aid” Martini. I didn’t know what to expect but to my surprise it was amazing! It was sweet and straight to the point!Spondivits Seafood and Steaks in Atlanta, Georgia

Most of the reviews said to try the buckets and that’s exactly what I did. I ordered a pound of crab and lobster tails. They came served in a bucket just like this.Spondivits Seafood and Steaks in Atlanta, GeorgiaI got it with a side of garlic butter, which was amazing! I want them to send me some of that garlic butter to Chicago! My food was delicious, my only gripe was I got it with Old Bay Seasoning which was a bit too much for me, I should’ve ordered it on the side.

Spondivits Seafood and Steaks in Atlanta, GeorgiaI also ordered a loaded baked potato because that’s just how I roll.

Overall, my food was great! The garlic butter was the perfect complement, it was just the added touch my crab and lobster bucket needed. My friends enjoyed their food too! Usually, I get pictures of their food but since I couldn’t wait to dive int, I completely forgot! I saw a lot of people complaining about the prices but too me they were right on track with what I would pay for a good seafood meal here in Chicago. If you are a seafood lover like me, I suggest you check Spondivitis out, to get more info go here.

Sidenote: Free valet parking is located in the back of the restaurant, you will need this since it can be difficult to find a park in the area.

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