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Outfit Post: Getting Back to My Old Self, My Own Personal New Years Celebration

Getting Back to My Old Self

I can’t lie guys, these last 2 months or so, I haven’t really been feeling like myself. I’ve had to deal with a few personal issues that frankly had me down. I didn’t want to get dressed let alone go anywhere; so that’s why you haven’t been seeing as many posts from me. But now, I’m back! Never one to waddle in my own pity, I’m back and feeling much better! Sometimes when life throws us curve balls, we have to learn to get back up and try again. On top of having my own issues to deal with, I had to move at the last-minute which was SUPER stressful but I’m all moved in and ready to show you some of the things I’m doing with the new place…

But before I get to that, lets talk about what I wore this past weekend! I felt like with the new move, the new place, it was time for a new me! I decided as of October 1st, I was going to reclaim my life and have my own version of “New Years Celebration”…

To start “Raijean’s New Year” off right, I decided I wanted to feel extremely pretty and I knew just the dress to do it in!

Getting Back to My Old Self

This dress came from Curvy and Chic Boutique and I just love it! It made me feel so girly and feminine, just what I needed to get my out of my slump! I didn’t want to take the dress off!!Getting Back to My Old Self

It was like I was the belle of the ball…Getting Back to My Old Self

Dress: Chic and Curvy, Shoes: Just Fab

You really couldn’t tell me nothing….lolGetting Back to My Old SelfIt’s amazing how a dress can change a girls outlook on life!

Getting Back to My Old SelfBut what’s the perfect dress without the perfect accessories!!! We we talk more on that later!!

This is my new year, I’m working on getting back to my future goals and happiness. I know, I’m not the only one who needs a fresh start so if that’s you, why not join me!

Thanks Danyelle for taking my pictures!!

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