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DIY Project: Create An Inexpensive Large Serving or Bar Cart


You guys already know that I moved, but what you probably don’t know is that I have a large collection of liquor, wine and glasses. Since my new place is much bigger than my last place, I had been looking around for a cart large enough to hold all of my items. After searching and searching, I had no luck! They were either too small or too expensive. I was really starting to think, I wouldn’t find something to suit my needs.

As, I was going through what items to pack and what items to throw away I came across my son’s old changing table. Well, he’s 5 years old, so you know we haven’t used that table in years. I was going to get rid of it but every time I looked at it, I thought it was just too nice to trash. When my son was born, I picked out the cutest bedroom furniture and part of me just didn’t want to part with it. We were almost moved out when it hit me… Why don’t I transform my changing table into serving/bar cart! It was the perfect size and only cost $129. And if that wasn’t enough, it had 3 shelves and wheels to make moving the cart around much easier! What can I say, I’m a genius!


The cart was a beautiful espresso color, so there was no need to paint. However, if another color tickles your fancy, it’s wood so you can paint it another color or just purchase the changing table in a different shade.

Then follow these quick and easy steps

  • Remove the mattress from the changing table
  • Take a wrench and remove the 2 screws and straps and discard

Now there will be 2 holes in the cart, you can choose to add a thin layer of fabric to cover or leave it alone. Since, my collection is so big, I just left them there. When the top shelf is full you won’t even notice the small holes but again add a thin layer of fabric if you choose.

After that you are done, quick, simple and easy!!! This is what the finished product looks like.


Doesn’t look like a changing table at all does it? It worked out perfectly… IMG_6606

I can finally fit all of my items on my newly created cart and I didn’t have to break the bank!


Whether you have a changing table around that’s no longer in use or you are needed of a larger option like myself but don’t want to spend $800 then this option may be for you. You can purchase a good quality changing table between $80-$129 depending on the quality. I suggest a good quality one if you plan on putting heavy bottles on it, like the ones on mine. My changing table was made by Graco and can be purchased here, here or here. I used the other shelves for my martini and wine glasses and the last shelf for accessories.  I love it because everything I need is in one place!! And if your aren’t into liquor then use the cart to serve, store your pretty dishes, jewelry, perfume, accessories and more.

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