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Travel: Cruising Around Orlando in the Cadillac XTS AWD Platinum Collection

IMG_5282Last week, I told you guys about my trip to Universal Studios and Disney World with the family. While in Orlando, I got a chance to cruise around in the 2013 Cadillac XTS and boy do I love this car. When I got to the airport the good people of Prestige Auto had this beauty waiting on me. How did they know that red is my favorite color, I honestly wanted to drive this beauty right back to Chicago with me.

20130824_112823It seems like to get anywhere in Orlando you must get on the freeway! The ride in the Cadillac XTS was so smooth that often times it felt like we were riding on air. Not only was the ride easy but the car was very roomy and makes the perfect car for those of us who have families but chic enough for those of us who don’t.

IMG_5474While, I love everything about the car the best thing about the Cadillac XTS, would have to be technology/convenience features. This isn’t your average car, some of my favorite features included:

  • The Cue Navigation System-You can control everything in the car from the Cue system from the radio to the navigation system to the rear parking camera. Not only is it a touch screen but it also uses voice recognition. Cue even sends flood and storm alerts directly to the car, how amazing is that.
  • The 14 speaker Bose Surrond Sound system was nothing but amazing! You know I love my music. You guys know that’s one of the first things I checked out when I got in the car.
  • I love how the car alerts you when you drive in between lanes (Driver Awareness Alert), in case you fall asleep at the wheel (we hope that you don’t) but if you do the seat will vibrate to let you alert you to stay in your lane. The XTS also flashes a light in your side mirror if something is in your blind spot. These features alone help to minimize accidents greatly when used correctly.
  • Did I include the steering wheel is even heated??? Somebody please buy me this car! You know that feature would come in handy here in Chicago!

This car is truly the epitome of luxury and convenience. I really could go on and on about how much I love this car but instead find out more about the Cadillac XTS here.

Special thanks to Cadillac for providing me with a car to use while in Orlando.


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