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Tech: Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 Review

Between traveling and getting ready for the boychild to go back to school, I’ve been using my Galaxy Note 8.0 heavily. I love the Note because it’s a small but powerful tablet; I truly use it for everything! Recently, I even took the Galaxy Note 8.0 with me when I traveled to Saint Louis(read all about that adventure here).Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0

So why am I so crazy about the Note? Because of it’s convenience, that’s right the Note is very convenient for me and my household. Between needing to get things done quickly and fighting with the boychild (who thinks every gadget I have belongs to him), this by far is probably one of the easiest tablet to use. It’s ease of use combined with the ability to get the job done is by far what I like the most.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0One of my favorite features is the S Pen, yes, this is a tablet that comes with a pen! I can’t tell you how frustrated I get with some of my gadgets when I’m trying to type something fast and the tablet isn’t registering what I’m typing. So the pen on the Note 8.0 makes me much more productive and efficient. Plus, I’m a Virgo and most Virgos are list people. I write down everything, whether it’s a goal or grocery list, I’m always jotting something down. The pen feature makes this much easier for me to keep up.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0

A few of of my other favorite features include…

  • Kid-Friendly; Yes, the Note 8.0 is very kid-friendly and easy for the boychild to use. It’s lightweight so I don’t have to worry so much about him dropping and breaking it. Not only that it’s easy to take with you when you and your kids are on the go, whether you are going to the store or traveling the Note 8.0 and all of the apps available will definitely keep them.  busy.
  • Multi Window Feature:  Gone are the days when you can only use one app/program at a time on your tablet! The Note 8.0 allows you to multi-task, it’s as simple as tapping the multi window button and voila!
  • Polaris Office: Allows you to create documents and PowerPoint presentations as well as add hand written notes. You know how it is when you leave out the door, get half way to your presentation and realize you forgot to add a point, Polaris is your answer. I’m talking about complete personalization. You can even include handwritten notes and pictures. Definitely a lifesaver.
  • WatchOn: This video service is perfect for those of us who don’t like to channel surf. I’m an avid Sex and the City fan, I can watch it over and over again. This app tells me what channels and times my favorite show comes on daily! I can also change the channel using my Note 8.0, so when I can’t find the remote I use my trusty tablet.

Overall, the Note 8.0 is a great tablet to add to your collection. It’s perfect for any member of the family and can be used for work or play. To get more information on the Note 8.0 go here.

Disclosure: I was provide a Note 8.0 for review purposes, all opinions are my own.

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