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When Amtrak asked me to participate in their #AmtrakGram Instagram Contest, I was beyond elated. A chance to take a ride on Amtrak and share my experience is what Swa-Rai is all about. I love to travel, most of the time I’m flying but many of you would never guess that my preferred method of travel is the train. My love for Amtrak started when I was 11 years old. My family is from the south so instead of driving to Mississippi we would often take the train. I remember being so excited, I would pack my book bag a whole week in advance with all my favorite books, fashion magazines and cds.  I could hardly wait to go on my next adventure. Most of the time we were in coach, which was fine but sometimes we would go by sleeper car. Getting to ride in the sleeper car, was a whole different experience in itself. No matter which car we rode in , I just loved being on the Amtrak. Perhaps what I loved most about the train was the ability to relax and watch the scenery as the train went by. As a child, I would always drag my aunt and brother to the dining car to watch movies and play card games. These were the special moments when I got to bond with my family on a whole different level.

Fast forward a few years later, ok 20 years later and I still love taking the Amtrak…

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This past weekend, I needed a quick getaway so I hopped on the Amtrak at Union Station and headed to Saint Louis. I was so excited to get away, I even made a quick video…

Sometimes all girls need is some time to herself. As women we often get caught up in taking everybody else that we forget to take time for ourselves. So it felt good to take time for myself and do some of the favorite things that us girls like to do.


Just like when I was a child, I still read Lucky Magazine. For whatever reason fashion magazines and train rides just go together. It’s funny how even though I’m grown now, my train habits are pretty much still the same. Then it was time to do those fun things I like to do like paint my nails. Yes, I painted my nails! Don’t judge me…  Again, these are the little things that I love do when I take a train ride, for whatever reason it relaxes me.

While mama loved the idea of just relaxing, I still had work to do! So I headed to the dining car to set up my own mobile office. Most Amtrak trains have wi-fi on them so I plugged in my electronics to check some e-mails and surf the internet. IMG_5166

Nothing like a little fashion on the Amtrak! Do you like my Furla Candy Bag and Rebecca Minkoff Carrying Case? Ya’ll know I have to add my own flair no matter where I go!IMG_5141After a few hours of work, mama got hungry so I grabbed some lunch and continued working!

By the time I got home, I felt relaxed and ready to take on the world. It was a short trip but it was all I needed. You can take the Amtrak for short trips or longer trips, no matter where you are going Amtrak can get you there.  If you haven’t taken the Amtrak or if it has been a while, I suggest you look at taking Amtrak for your next vacation. The rates are very reasonable, the cars are very clean but more importantly you never know what you adventure you can get into on Amtrak.

Disclosure: I was not financially compensated for this post. I received a free trip courtesy of Amtrak for review purposes. The opinions, photos, and videos are completely my own based on my experience.

Top Picture from TheCubicleChick.com

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