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Everyday People Brunch presented by SKYY Vodka’s House of Moscato Comes to Chicago

Everyday People Brunch Presented by SKYY Vodka's House of Moscato

If you missed the Everyday People Brunch Chicago, you missed a dope day party! Check out event coverage from Swa-Rai Contributor Cristal Allen.

The event was hosted by the famous Chef Roble and the mastermind behind Everyday People Brunch, Saada Ahmed. The line was wrapped around the building of Sawtooth for this guest list ONLY event, presented by Skyy Vodka’s House of Moscato. The Brunch was from 12pm – 4pm and the party was in full effect from 4pm – 8pm, with tunes by DJ Moma.

Recently Updated84 The music was Fly, the food was Flavorful, the drinks were Fantastic and the [Everyday] people were Fresh to Death – 4 elements of a great party.

Everyday People Brunch Presented by SKYY Vodka's House of Moscato Everyday People Brunch Presented by SKYY Vodka's House of Moscato

 Chef Roble curated a simple, but beyond delicious buffet-style Brunch, which included; chicken Andouille sausage, scrambled egg whites with spinach, scramble cheese eggs with cheese & red peppers, French toast with strawberry apricots, country fried potatoes, crispy shrimp & grits, smothered chicken (which I missed *insert sad face*) and more. Chef Roble, I’m going to need a smothered chicken rain check!

Everyday People Brunch Presented by SKYY Vodka's House of Moscato Everyday People Brunch Presented by SKYY Vodka's House of Moscato

I can’t wait to get my hands on Skyy Infusion Moscato Grape, so that I can recreate those signature drinks they had for the event:

  • Moscato Sangria (SKYY Infusions Moscato Grape, Moscato Wine, Strawberries, Pineapple, Honeydew, Cantaloupe) – My #1 favorite
  • Moscato Gem (SKYY Infusions Moscato Grape, Sparkling Wine, Orange Bitters, Sugar Cube)- My #2 favorite  
  • Moscato Sunrise (SKYY Infusions Moscato Grape, Pineapple Juice)
  • Moscato Press (SKYY Infusions Moscato Grape, 7Up, Club Soda)

 The highlight of the day was sitting down to chat with the “Host with the Most,” Chef Roble and witnessing him have an “Ahh haa Moment” right before my eyes! Roble is from the East Coast (Brooklyn), but he definitely has Southern Hospitality.

imagejpeg_0_14 Crystal (C):  How do you come with the food choices for the event? 

Chef Roble (R): It’s easy…it’s easy… 

C: Is the Food the same at every event?

R: We try to keep it local…It’s not fancy. It’s straight forward brunch food, but very well prepared. We do scrambled eggs, scrambled egg whites, fruit platter, crispy shrimp & grits. When we make our shrimp & grits, we don’t use water. We make shrimp stock and reduce it down and intensify it and make the grits with that..with a little milk. So the grits already taste like shrimp, because it’s cooked in shrimp stock. You don’t even need an actual shrimp in there! We do stuff like that. I put that type of effort and love into traditional brunch food and that’s why it’s such a hit.

C: Did you always have a vision for Chef Roble to be like this?

R: (Shaking his head no)

C: Never?

R: No…I just go with the flow, man. I just keep working and coming by opportunities and try to make good choices. It’s God’s plan not my plan…I just do my art, which is cooking and hospitality. I’m not a Chef…I’m a hospitality professional. My job is to make sure people have a good time. Music, Ambiance, Fashion,entertainment…I’M AN ENTERTAINER THAT KNOWS HOW TO COOK. I’m not a Chef.    

C: “You’re an Entertainer that knows how to cook.” I like that.

R: You know what, I’m about to change my Twitter name. I’m not going to be Chef Roble anymore. I got a figure something out. I’m an entertainer…that knows how to cook…I just had an “AHA Moment” just now…

 Chef Roble brought in his partners in crime, Saada & Dj Moma to talk about how Everyday People Brunch got started:

C: What inspired you to start Everyday People Brunch?

Saada(S):  There were brunches in the Meatpacking District, but I didn’t necessarily identify with them…they were a bunch of rich guys, dropping $500-$600 for brunch. So I decided to curate a unique experience with friends that offers a good selection of Old School, R&B and Hip-Hop. The experience is about conversation, dancing and food set in a non-pretentious environment...Just for Everyday People. The name was inspired by the song “Everyday people.”

C: How often do you have the event?

S: It’s a bi-weekly event at The DL in the Lower East Side of Manhattan, but were expanding. Just like how we came to Chicago, were going to go to other cities.

R: We coming back here too.

DJ Moma: She [Sadaa] makes it Hot. He [Roble] makes it Fly. I make it work!  (They all laugh and agree)

 I don’t think I can wait for them to come back to Chicago…I’m working on a flight to check out Everyday People NYC.

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