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Restaurant Review: Michael Jordan’s Steakhouse

This past weekend, my girl Kitty and Janice were in town for BlogHer when they decided they wanted to do some eating and shopping on the Mag Mile.  After perusing the racks at Nordstrom, we headed across the street to Michael Jordan’s Steakhouse for dinner. I’ve always wanted to eat at Michael Jordan’s after hearing about the mashed potato trio, so I to was excited to go.

When we arrived the restaurant wasn’t open yet, so we opted to get a few appetizers and cocktails at the bar…


I was literally starving so I ordered the Hand Cut Fries in Beef Fat and the fries were simply amazing! The fries came with a trio of sauces that were equally amazing! I think I bit my damn finger, because I was eating them so fast!

Can’t sit at the bar and not order a cocktail right?


The Lady Sapphire hit the spot!!IMG_4860

Kitty is a devil egg lover so she ordered those! They were different from what I used to but they were quite tasty. Kitty loved them.IMG_4864

Once we reached the table we decided to get a few more appetizers. We went with the Double-Smoked Bacon and Garlic Bread. Let me just say this, both of these dishes brought a tear to my eye. I kept thinking if the damn appetizers are this good the food must be amazing!
photo 1Here’s another pic of the garlic bread, this garlic bread was so good that I would walk along side the expressway from Oak Park to Michigan Ave. to get it! It was just that good. With Wisconsin Roth Käse, buttermilk blue cheese fondue, this garlic bread is unlike any garlic bread you’ve ever had before.

As if that wasn’t enough it was time for dinner…


I love crab, can’t go to any restaurant and not order crab! But you know how the saying goes, When in Rome… There was no way I could eat at a steakhouse and not order steak, so I found a way to combine both of my loves in one dish! That’s right, I ordered the MJ’s Prime Delmonico topped with crab! Jesus truly loves me!!! This steak was delicious, it’s been 5 days and I’m still think about her.
photo 3

Since the appetizers were so amazing, there was no way we were going to be able to choose from all the amazing side dishes on the menu so we opted to order almost all of them. The Mashed Potato Trio included lobster-creme fraiche, goat cheese-spring onion, colcannon-bacon jam. I don’t even know where to begin with the mashed potatoes, just know God knew what he was doing when he created this dish. We also ordered Macaroni and Cheese, Cream Kale, Roasted Mushrooms. Out of all the dishes wer ordered, everything was equally great.

Overall the food was amazing at Michael Jordan’s Steakhouse and the prices were pretty reasonable for such a high-end restaurant on the Mag Mile. I definitely recommend trying Michael Jordan’s Steakhouse, you won’t be disappointed!  To get more information about the steakhouse go here.

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