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New Hair Alert: African Goddess

Recently Updated63You guys know, I’m the “Weave Whisperer” as Kitty likes to call me! But, I decided to take my weave down for a few weeks and try a new style. I saw this picture posted on Instagram and thought I definitely wanted to give this look a try.

Photo on 7-2-13 at 3.57 PM #2

I’ve been getting a ton of compliments but I’m still not sure it’s me…Photo on 7-2-13 at 3.57 PM #5

I’m always telling you guys to try new things so I decided to step out of my comfort zone and try something new myself! Even though, I will only be wearing this look for about 2-3 weeks, you guys tell me what you think!
Photo on 7-2-13 at 3.58 PM #3Do you like it or not?

Sidenote: I decided to try the whole eyebrow tint thing this week! Ya’ll know I ain’t got none so I went and got me some…lol Tell me are you liking my new brows  yay or nay?

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