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Black McDonald’s Operators Association Presents R&B Singer Joe

The Black McDonald’s Operators Association (BMOA) of Chicagoland & Northwest Indiana, hosted a Block Party on July 25th, and invited, Swa-Rai along for the experience. This wasn’t an ordinary Block Party that invades your neighborhood, but a Block Party that shut down the Marmon Grand Ball Room, starring the soulful singer, Joe!  This was an absolutely FREE event Sponsored by BMOA in partnership with V103.


 When I arrived, the atmosphere was very euphoric – people were enjoying cocktails and delicious food. Folk were indulging in conversations, laughing and grooving to the sounds DJ Eric Taylor of V103.  Guest received a large McDonald’s tote or a gift bag, which including McDonald’s coupons and a T-shirt.

The beautiful, Connie from V103 was our host for the evening and she was as electrifying as her red hair. We were also entertained by the funny man, Leon Rogers of WGCI’s, The Morning Riot Show.


Before Joe went on stage, I had the pleasure of meeting him, snap a couple photos and ask a few questions:

 Crystal(C): So, I heard you have a new album out. What is it called?

Joe (J): It’s called Double Back – The Evolution of R&B

C: What was the reason behind the name?

J: It’s pretty much going back and grabbing some pages from the old school…live music…bringing it current, trying to inspire the younger generation to incorporate live music and to become musicians themselves. It’s pretty much, grabbing back and bringing it forward.

C. My favorite album is, “All that I am” and my favorite song is, “Good Girl.” What is your favorite album and song?

J: That’s a good question…I’m still working on that one. I haven’t picked one out, yet.

C: Maybe it could be on this album?

J: It could be. I’m just motivated..motivated to keep moving.


 Joe took the stage and put on a great show all by himself. No band. No background singers. Just a  mic and his amazing voice. The ladies (and a few gentlemen) were overly excited and sang every word to his classics and his new music. While singing, Joe got personal with his fans. He went into the crowd gave out hugs and touched every hand he could reach. Joe made every lady in the room, feel like he was singing to them. I know I felt like he was singing to me, especially when he sang my favorite Joe song, “Good Girl!”

Joe interacts with fans (640x427)

 Kudos to Joe and BMOA, I look forward to the next BMOA Block Party!

Thanks to Swa-Rai Contributor Cristal for attending this event.

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