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Travel: Road Tripping in the 2013 Kia Soul

IMG_3113Last month, I had the honor of traveling to Arkansas for the Social Fabric Conference in the 2013 Kia Soul. I hadn’t been on a road trip in a while so I was excited to head out, first stop on my trip was to pick up Danyelle in St. Louis.


Although the Kia Soul appears to be very small on the inside, it’s actually quite roomy on the inside.

3169_1_2While a girl could always use a little more trunk space, I found the trunk in the Soul to be sufficient given the size of the car. There was enough space to pack me and Danyelle’s luggage.


The technology in the Soul was great and easy to use! I hooked my iPod up and was ready to hit the road. Perhaps some of my favorite features were the interior LED lights, watching the lights move to the beat of the music was such a fun and unexpected feature.

Lets talk about safety….

If you follow me on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter than you already know that on our way to Arkansas, Danyelle and I ran into a potentially dangerous situation on the road. While driving we hit a hydroplane, it was very dark when our car began swirling across 4 lanes of traffic about 5 or 6 times. We couldn’t see anything as it was completely pitch black, we braced ourselves preparing to run into something. We kept swerving back and forth; it seemed like it would never end. The first thing you are taught in the rules of the road class was to ride it out and not hit the brake and that’s exactly what we did. But perhaps what I was most impressed with was how the Kia Soul handled the road. Most cars would’ve flipped over but not the Kia Soul. While this story sounds much simpler than what it was, this truly was one of the scariest moments of my life, it was an incident that could’ve tragically went the other way. In times like this it’s very important to have a car that is not only safe but can handle emergency situations. Other than our situation this was the perfect car for travel and now that he’s gone, I really miss my Kia!

I love the Kia Soul and was quite surprised how quick this car grew on me and Danyelle! To get more information about the Kia Soul go here.

Thanks Kia for providing transportation to the SoFab Conference.


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