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Tech: The Samsung Experience Hits the Chicagoland Area & Nationwide

 Want to get an up close and personal look at Samsung newest products? Want to learn how to work your new Galaxy S4 or figure out what Samsung product is for you? Then you are in for a real treat, over at Best Buy! That’s right, you can now get the full Samsung Experience at your local Best Buy.IMG_3879

A few weeks ago, I headed over to Best Buy to check out the Samsung Experience and to see what the talk was all about.


When I arrived at Best Buy, I was given a step by step tutorial on how to use the new Galaxy Note 8.0 and the Galaxy S4. I was quite surprised by all the new features Samsung has to offer. I’ve owned several Samsung devices in the past but this was the first time I got to play with the Note and Galaxy. There were so many cool new features, I couldn’t pick a favorite but I will say the new camera features were probably the best! Did you know you can take a picture just by smiling and saying cheese! No more trying to hold the camera at a certain angle so you can hit the button! The tech gods are smiling down on us.IMG_3878After checking out all the new features and upgrades, a Best Buy advisor helped me set up the Galaxy 8.0 that Samsung sent me home to play with. The advisor was so friendly and very knowledgeable about the devices. He even showed me some short cuts and some of his favorite features to use on his Samsung device.

And if that wasn’t enough, I love the Samsung Experience set up as well. The section is very well lit, their are stools for customers to sit and even bottle water. Samsung truly didn’t miss a beat, they truly put a lot of thought into making the Samsung Experience just that an experience.

IMG_3880I’m really digging the new Samsung Experience! Everyone can’t be a techno geek but you will definitely learn how to use your new Samsung device. Whether you want to purchase the latest Galaxy S4 or learn how to work your new the new Note 8.0, the Samsung Experience is for you. Not only has the Samsung Experience hit Chicagoland it’s now Nationwide, so stop by your nearest Best Buy for a chance to see the latest offerings from Best Buy.

Stay tuned, I will be doing a review on the Galaxy Note 8.0, I’m so loving this new tablet!!

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