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Swa-Rai Review: Optimum AMLA Legend No-Mix No-Lye Relaxer Kit

IMG_390Even though I wear a weave, I always leave my edges out for a more natural look. It was time to perm my edges so I decided to try Optimum’s AMLA Legend No-Mix No-Lye Relaxer Kit that I received when I attended their launch event back in February( read about it here).

IMG_3894The perm was pretty easy to use, there was no mixing to do and the perm didn’t contain any lye. I added the base to my scalp and simply applied the relaxer to all of my new growth. The whole process took be less than 20 minutes but pay mind I didn’t perm my entire head.

2013-06-092Here’s a picture of my roots close up…


Overall, I loved the Amla Relaxer! It got my hair straight, didn’t require as many steps and because there is no lye it doesn’t even smell like a perm. I definitely recommend using AMLA Legend Relaxer.


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