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SwaRai Mommy: Saint Louis Zoo with the Boychild


Yesterday(read about it here), I wrote about traveling with my toddler. Today, I’m going to talk about our trip to the Saint Louis Zoo. My son loves the zoo but he’s been to the one in Chicago a million times, so I thought it would be fun to take him to another one in another state. Since I’ve never been to the zoo in STL, I thought it was something the boychild would love to do and boy was I right. With over 18,000 animals the Saint Louis Zoo has a lot for visitors to see.


We visited the zoo on a perfect day, it wasn’t too hot and it wasn’t too cold.IMG_3307

The boychild is always ready to take a picture!IMG_3309

Here he is posing with Layla (Danyelle’s Daughter)IMG_3310

The monkeys decided to come out to play…

How cute are the flamngos??IMG_3315Since the zoo is so big, we decided to hop on the train. It was a great way to go around the entire zoo. They really take the zoo thing serious at the Saint Louis Zoo, the conductors wear uniforms and all. It was a nice added touch.


The boychild is happy!

Next up: carousel time!IMG_3319

He’s smiling now but he didn’t like the fact that his giraffe didn’t move up and down…lolIMG_3321

The penguins are always so cute!!

Can’t miss another photo opp!IMG_3328

Here the children are playing with stingrays! At first I was hesitant and wondered if it was safe but the zookeeper insured me that the stingrays were safe. She said each season they cut the tail off and it lasts for the entire season. So after that I let the boychild touch one but as soon as one came towards him we both backed up…lol

We decided to try again but…. He wasn’t feeling it and neither was I.IMG_3331We had a ball at the zoo. I was shocked that you don’t have to pay to visit the Saint Louis Zoo. That’s right it’s free and perfect for parents who is looking for something budget-friendly to do while in the area. They also have a safari pass that you can purchase for $10 that allows you to ride the train, get on the carousel and more, it really is your best bet for the money.

To learn more about the Saint Louis Zoo go here.

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