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Swa-Rai Picks: How to Wear the Floral Trend

One of the hottest trends right now is the floral trend. When worn correctly, floral prints can be stylish and super chic. However, when worn incorrectly it can quickly lead to disaster, case in point Kim Kardashian at the MET Gala.

kim_kardashian_290_18ogok6-18ogollWhile, I don’t necessarily hate the dress, I don’t love it! The print is overbearing on top of the fact that she’s pregnant. Now I’m not saying because she is pregnant that she shouldn’t wear florals but she should be cognizant of the print. Not only did it make her look like a couch from the 80’s but the floral gloves and matching floral shoes were simply an overkill!

The trick to pulling off florals is balance. That’s right, you have to balance the right floral print based on the type of garment you are wearing. Kim’s dress is beautiful but the floral print was way to heavy and she ended up looking like she was wearing a bunch of floral fabric instead of a couture Givenchy by Riccardo Tisci dress. If you want to indulge in the floral trend, I suggest the following…

image1xxlThis dress is perfect because it’s floral but the print isn’t overbearing. It’s not only a sexy dress but it has the right amount of balance. Dressing head to toe in florals is a no-no.

image1xxl (1)If you are going to wear a heavy floral print than pair it with a white top to offset the print, top the look off with a neutral shoe. Because floral prints are so ornate, you really don’t have to do much with this look. Simply add a pair of earrings and head out the door. These pants are so sexy, you can change-up the look by adding a denim top to it as well.

Forever 21 Floral Top Plus SizeFor my plus size divas, you too can wear the floral trend! This top from Forever 21 is the perfect example of the right floral balance. Because we are plus size we have to be careful how we wear the floral print, the sheer sleeve offsets the floral print perfectly.

image1xxl (2)Now for my curvy girls, if you are dead set on wearing the floral trend then I suggest you go for a bigger floral print,  this dress is perfect for you. Not only go for the bigger print but make sure the fit shows off your best assets! So if you are curvy a fitted cut would work best for you. I also love a floral blazer, that way you can add layers to your look while maintiaing the proper balance.

Check out me wearing the floral trend, I loved, loved, loved this look!

734778_10151349874594020_98285368_nSo remember to have fun with the floral trend but be careful not to overdo it. A little floral print can go a long way, whatever you do please, please, please don’t pull a Kim Kardashian.

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