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Restaurant Review: Q-BBQ


Did you guys know that May is National BBQ month? No? Me either! Well it is and I’m happy to say I did my part to support the movement by indulging in some bbq this past weekend. Last week, I was invited to try Q-BBQ Restaurant in LaGrange IL. I’m not going to lie I was quite skeptical about because I’ve always felt the best bbq is made at home but I decided to give Q-BBQ a try.
Q BBQ Restaurant

Our mouths were watering from the pictures on the menu alone; After a quick run of the menu we were ready to eat.
Q BBQ Restaurant

We told the waitress to surprise us so she brought us out a ton of food to try starting with the Papa Q Platter. The Papa Q platter is a great way to try a little of everything on the menu it included: chopped brisket, sliced brisket, burnt ends, pulled pork, pulled chicken, ribs, wings, smoked turkey and spicy sausage along with 2 sides and Q-Pups.

Q BBQ Restaurant

We also tried Q-BBQ best-selling Q-Western salad and it was amazing, I can definitely see why it’s a fan favorite.
Q BBQ Restaurant

My family was obsessed and I do mean obsessed with the Q-Pups and cornbread.QQQ-5

The boychild had to be different so he got a chicken finger kids meal.Q BBQ Restaurant

We got a Q Sampler Platter which is a smaller version of the Papa Q Platter.
Q BBQ Restaurant

Lets talk about the ribs… AAAAmmmaazzzingg!!! Seriously, these were some of the best ribs, I’ve ever gotten at a restaurant. They were tender, sweet and smokey,  just plain delicious.Q BBQ Restaurant

Can we talk about the sides? The macaroni and cheese was hands down the best mac and cheese I’ve ever had. I really wanted a pan to take home…lolQ BBQ Restaurant

My family also enjoyed the green beans and baked beans, delicious, delicious, delicious!
Q BBQ Restaurant

And if all that wasn’t enough the waitress brought us some housemade cereal bar and brownie bars. We were quite stuff but who turns down brownies and cereal bars?Q BBQ Restaurant

The ambiance at Q-BBQ is very laid back and family friendly, it’s a great place to take the family or a date on Friday or Saturday night. There’s nothing like a great place to eat and have good conversation.Q BBQ Restaurant

Q-BBQ has received rave reviews from some of the top media outlets in the city and believe me, I can see why! This place is amazing and definitely a place I’m looking forward to returning to.Q BBQ Restaurant

I almost forgot to tell you guys about the sauces! They have a little something for everyone but my favorites were the Texas Spicy Sauce and the Memphis Sweet Sauce. I actually licked my fingers when I was done and ya’ll know I’m too old for that!
Q BBQ RestaurantQ-BBQ has 2 locations:

La Grange
70 S. La Grange Rd
La Grange, IL 60525

103 S. Main St
Naperville, IL 60540

 I suggest you try Q-BBQ out today; the prices are great, the food is amazing and the customer service is awesome. To get more info about Q BBQ check out the site here.


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