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Swa-Rai Travels: Taking A Short Trip? Don’t Forget These Packing Essentials

I’ve been traveling so much recently that I’ve become somewhat of a quick trip expert. When I first started traveling, I was very ill-equipped! I didn’t have the appropriate luggage, I was just a hot mess! After going on multiple back to back trips over the last 2 years, I think I’ve finally got this thing down to a science. Now, there are several types of trips one can take, and we will eventually discuss them all but for today’s post we will look at some of my favorite travel essentials when taking short or quick trips. You know those trips when you are traveling for 1-3 days. I’ve taken quite of few short trips this year and I usually end up overpacking and not using most of the stuff that I’ve packed. So after much trial and error, I’m presenting to you some of my favorites.

Quick Trip Travel Essentials

Besides the obvious clothing, shoes, etc. these are my must haves.

  • Spinner Luggage-Trust me when I tell you spinner luggage will save your life. I can’t tell you how many times I struggled through the airport with luggage that only rolled one way; it’s the absolute worst.  My brand of choice is Heys, they make some of the best quality hard shell luggage around.

Quick Trip Travel Essentials

  • A TSA approved lock-This is important because so many people handle your luggage you want to keep your valuables protected when they are not in your possession. The lock above is a Safe Skies Lock (these locks won’t be clipped by TSA) and come in a variety of patterns and colors.
  • A travel pillow is so necessary, I hate flying so I try to sleep as much as possible when I’m on the plane. A travel pillow truly makes the difference.
  • Cold-Eeze- This is very important to use before and during your flight. When flying on a plane air is continuously re-circulating, Cold-Eeze can help you fight off those nasty germs.
  • SukiFace Lip Repair Butter- Again dry air is continuously circulating on the plane, this lip repair butter will keep you lips nice and moisturized.
  • My HopePaige Medical ID Bracelet-This is important because I have heart disease and a pacemaker, I wear this bracelet so that it alerts people of my illness. I often travel alone so if I should ever find myself in a medical emergency this will help the hospital to identify my illness.
  • For all my skin care needs, I carry my Mario Bandescu kit that includes facial cleanser, body wash and body lotion. I have everything I need to stay clean in this kit!

Now of course this isn’t an all-inclusive list as I haven’t even begun to discuss the gadgets and other things, I take with me for business purposes. This is merely a small portion of some of my must haves when I’m taking a quick turn around trip.Plus this post would be 3 days long, so we will discuss this in segments.

Tell me, what are some of your must haves? What are some of your travel must haves?

Thanks to my love Danyelle for the new travel piece and lock, it was much needed.

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