Lucky Magazine Presents Lucky FABB West

Day 1 of Lucky Fabb was full of keynotes and panel discussions! I had such a blast watching fashionistas from all over pile in the room to learn how to become a better blogger and entrepreneur. The day started with registration and coffee. After picking up my badge it was time t get the day started.

Lucky Magazine Presents Lucky FABB West

VIP Baby….Lucky Magazine Presents Lucky FABB West

Lucky Editor-in-Chief Brandon welcomed us to the conference and told us more of what Lucky had in store for Lucky Fabb’s future. Sidenote: I met Brandon in the elevator and she was an absolute joy.

She made it a point to let us know that we the 250 Bloggers that was hand chosen to attend this conference. Some may not know this but they review and approve which bloggers can register and attend this conference so I felt quite honored to make the cut.Lucky Magazine Presents Lucky FABB West

Kelly Osbourne kicked off the conference with a conversation with Brandon. What I love about Kelly is, she is never afraid to be herself or say what’s on her mind! She discussed some of the issues that she deals with in Hollywood as well as what her favorites were in fashion and beauty.
Lucky Magazine Presents Lucky FABB WestThe conversation was very candid and open! I hate, I missed her when she came to Chicago.

Lucky Magazine Presents Lucky FABB WestThe first panel discussion was about how to make your voice louder.

Lucky Magazine Presents Lucky FABB WestNext up we heard from the Crossroads Company on what they look for when partnering with bloggers and what makes a great partner. I think the steps about apply to all bloggers seeking partnerships!

After the Pitch Fest and Lunch we were back at it discussing the business of blogging, and how to grow your business and how to create a voice of authority.

Lucky Magazine Presents Lucky FABB West

After the panel discussions were over it time for a conversation with Drew Barrymore.
Lucky Magazine Presents Lucky FABB West

Drew was such a delight as well! She’s so down to earth and talked about how becoming a mom changed her life and how she maintains it all. This was a great conversation because I to am a mom and I wonder how do they do it all.Lucky Magazine Presents Lucky FABB West

Next up was the fun-loving Betsey Johnson! What I love most about Betsey is her fun and hyper spirit. She didn’t do cartwheels this time but she was still fun to be around never the less.Lucky Magazine Presents Lucky FABB West

She discussed how filing bankruptcy hurt her but ended up being the best thing for her in the end. She also discussed her upcoming show on the Style Network, I will tell you more about that later.Lucky Magazine Presents Lucky FABB WestI just love taking pics with Betsey!

Lucky Magazine Presents Lucky FABB WestAfter Day 1 was over we headed over to the Terrace for the VIP Cocktail Reception.

Lucky Magazine Presents Lucky FABB West

Here I am with my boos Tami (Talking with Tami) and Marie Denee (The Curvy Fashionista).

I was running my mouth so much, I forgot to take a lot of pictures…Lucky Magazine Presents Lucky FABB West

Julianne Hough was in the house and so was Drew Barrymore and Shameless actress Shanola Hampton.Lucky Magazine Presents Lucky FABB West

I just had to show you guys the shrimp cocktail, it was amazing.  The cocktail sauce was inside the tube, I thought this was the most creative dish I’d seen in a while.Lucky Magazine Presents Lucky FABB WestBefore we left, I snapped a picture with Lucky’s Editor Brandon…

Lucky Magazine Presents Lucky FABB WestI’m so glad I got a chance to attend Lucky Fabb West, I’ve been to Lucky Fabb East, so it was great to have something to compare it to. It’s always great to hang out with your fellow bloggers and the swag bag are always amazing.

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