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Beauty Report: Swa-Rai Put’s KA’oir Lipstick Sex to the Test

I love trying all shades and brands of lipstick! I don’t know what happened but when I turned 30, I all of a sudden became obsessed with “non-traditional” lip colors. While at my friend Danyelle‘s house she had some lipsticks that she had never used, so you know what I did right?? I started playing with them and now they are mines! The first shade, I swatched for you guys was a lipstick from Keyshia Ka’oir’s Line called Sex. Sex is a deep plum red lipstick that almost looks brown. I’ve heard of Keyshia Ka’oir Lipsticks before but I wasn’t quite sure if I wanted to spend my $17.00 on a lipstick, I’ve never tried before. Before I spend that kind of money on a lipstick, I usually like to see if the product is a good quality product. Well, I’m happy to report that Ka’Oir actually is a good quality lipstick, it’s moisturizing and provides great coverage. It’s really worth the price tag and best of all they come in a wide range of colors from neutral colors to bold, bright colors for the more daring.

Keysha Ka'Oir Lipstick in Sex

Sex reminds me of my mother so much, may she RIP! I would never wear this shade everyday because I prefer brighter colors but I love how this shade looks against my brown skin.Keysha Ka'Oir Lipstick in Sex

Keysha Ka'Oir Lipstick in Sex

Pardon the eyebrows and shiny skin, as you can see I don’t have any other makeup on besides the lipstick.

Overall, I ‘m pleased with the color, quality and price of Ka’oir, I will definitely be purchasing more shades in the future.To learn more about Ka’oir and their full product line go here.

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  • Ka’oir is a cosmetics line started by video model, Keyshia Dior. Although you may recognize her from a few of your favorite videos, her rise in the hood chic lipstick industry has been her most noticeable work to date. Several months ago, a company by the name of Secret Kisses filed a lawsuit against Dior for theft, defamation, and breach of contract because she allegedly used their vendor contact info to abandon her spokesmodel position with the brand and establish a brand of her own (she was working as a spokesmodel for the company at that time). Not much as been said since about the actual lawsuit, but that doesn’t mean that patrons of her business don’t have a thing to say.

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  • Well thats good to know. She did turn it into a multi million dollar company very quickly and I have been nervous to take a chance on the brand myself. Now I will spring for a few of the bold colors that you can find no where else. Thanks again girl!

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