A Day at the Ballpark with the Chicago Cubs & Bing’s: Bing It On Challenge

Last week the good folks over at Bing invited me and other influencers out for a night of fun, baseball and Bing! This is a little known fact about me but I love going to baseball games. It’s something about hanging out at the ballpark that makes life worth living. I’m not sure if it’s the carefree spirit of the fans or just the laid back feel of the park but either way, I love it!

The day started off with a ride to Wrigley Field in the Cubs Trolley!

Raijean Stroud takes the Bing it On Challenge with the Cubs

This was an experience in itself, as our driver told us no one really gets to ride in the trolley.Bing it On Challenge with the Cubs

Of course the Cubs Logo was all over the trolley.
Bing it On Challenge with the CubsRiding in the trolley was such a cool experience and really made the experience authentic.

Bing it On Challenge with the Cubs

As soon as we arrived, we were given our tickets and an authentic MLB Baseball to be signed by the players. Next we were going to watch the Cubs batting practice but unfortunately for us the rain refused to let up!  We did however run into James Russell! He was super cool!Bing it On Challenge with the Cubs

We also got a chance to participate in the Bing It On Challenge! For those of you who aren’t familiar with Bing, Bing is a search engine that allows you to search the web much like Google.

Bing it On Challenge with the Cubs

Recently, Bing upgraded the way it handles searches so we were asked to take a blind challenge to see what engine we liked the best. I don’t know about you guys but being a blogger, search engines and their capabilities are very important to my business. Anytime, I’m given the opportunity to improve my companies visibility and efficiency then I’m game. Perhaps my favorite part of the search engine was they way Bing displays images. I also loved the way it allows you to filter your images, which is very important since imagery is so important to my blog.Bing it On Challenge with the Cubs

Bing is taking their challenge on the road, they will be in various locations throughout the U.S. allowing people to become more familiar with Bing! Haven’t spotted them yet? Don’t worry you can take the challenge here.

Take the challenge and tell me what you think!!Bing it On Challenge with the Cubs

We then headed upstairs to the Bing Suite to watch the game. While there we actually ended up being interviewed by WGN News, I will post the video on the next post!

Bing it On Challenge with the Cubs

Johanna of Momma Cuisie, Me, Katie of Now You Know and Kris of Little Tech Girl

Unfortunately, our game got rained out but we still ended up having a great time. I always love hanging with other Bloggers/Influencers, we always have so much fun.


Love, love, love the Ernie Banks statue outside of Wrigley Field.
Bing it On Challenge with the CubsI had a great time hanging at Wrigley Field and learning about Bing! I suggest you guys take the challenge today, search yourself, your company or whatever you would like to know more about and see what Bing comes up with!

Thanks Bing for the invite!!!

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