Shapewear Talk With Swa-Rai: AMIA Cincher

One of my all time pet peeves is when someone doesn’t wear the appropriate shapewear (often called girdles) under their clothing! I can’t tell you how many times a great outfit is ruined due to the lack of the appropriate undergarments! I consider myself to be a Shapewear Expert and what I’ve found is that people really don’t know what to do or wear as it relates to shapewear! Well, I’m here to help! I’m starting a new section on Swa-Rai dedicated solely to all things shapewear! I will break down for you the different types of shapewear, as well as how and when to wear each piece! There are so many different types that it can be very confusing! For Shapewear Talk with Swa-Rai, we will also provide reviews and give you the latest as it relates to shapewear and where to find it! If you have questions that you want answered please e-mail me at info@swa-rai.com. If you have an outfit that you are planning to wear but not sure what type of shapewear to purchase, e-mail me! I’m hear to help!

This week we will discuss the waist cincher! The waist cincher is a piece of shapewear that makes a woman appear to have a smaller waist! It holds in the stomach while drawing in the waist! It’s one of my favorite pieces and is perfect if you are wearing a sleeveless or low-cut outfit since it rests under your bra line. It also works well if you are wearing jeans or pants with a fitted top! Yes, it’s perfectly fine to wear shapewear with your jeans! Matter of fact, I recommend it!


A few weeks ago, I wore the AMIA Cincher during my Bleeding Heart Project event and I was absolutely in love!


I practice what I preach! The picture below is with me wearing my waist cincher!
843005_10151398514064020_1041745422_oI got so many compliments on my outfit and ladies pulling me to the side asking what I was wearing under my dress! Well ladies, my secret was the AMIA Cincher! As a shapewear advocate, I know my undergarments! What I like most about the AMIA Cincher was that it didn’t roll up! Often times when you buy cheap or poorly constucted undergarments they will begin to roll up at the bottom or the boning will pop out! So far, I’ve worn my cincher a few times and I haven’t experienced either issues. Also, since the cincher is placed under the bra line it automatically pushes your boobs up giving you an instant lift! Probably one of the best aspects of the AMIA Cincher is it’s comfortability! You literrally can wear this cincher for hours and still be comfortable!

Now if back fat is one of your bigger issues, this cincher may not be for you as it stops under your bra line! This piece is for people who are trying to shape and contain their mid-section. But for those trying to conceal back fat, don’t worry,  I have something for you! We will discuss that next in our Shapewear Talk with Swa-Rai segment!

Again, if you have any questions please e-mail me at info@swa-rai.com

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