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Restaurant Review: Bahama Breeze Island Grille

If you follow me on Instagram then you already know where I was Friday night! I was invited by Bahama Breeze to come and try out their new late night menu at the Schaumburg location. I’ve never been to Bahama Breeze before so I wasn’t sure what to expect but I knew that the items on the menu looked pretty tasty! Everything on the menu was based on the Caribbean; the food, the drinks, and the atmosphere reminds you of what you would find in the islands!

Bahama Breeze

As soon as we arrived we were greeted by the friendly staff and seated. The Manager Juan had already begun prepared food for our arrival. Everything looked so good, we could hardly get a good picture because we were so ready to eat! First up was the Jamaican Jerk Wings, these wings were absolutely delicious. They had a smokey, mesquite flavor and was cooked to perfection. Bahama Breeze

Then it was time to try the coconut shrimp. Ordinarily, I’m not a coconut shrimp kind of girl but these were delicious and was even better when paired with the sauce.Bahama Breeze

Then it was time for the cocktails, the waitress brought us the Goombay Smash. This cocktail was the perfect way to start our Friday night!Bahama Breeze

Then it was time to sample the Yaka Hula Hickey Dula. You guys already know I love nothing more than a sweet and refreshing cocktail. The best thing about these cocktails were they weren’t too sweet they were just right.Bahama Breeze

Now lets get back to the food, next up we sampled the Jerk Shrimp. My guest and I were immediately in love with this dish. It was the perfect mix of fresh shrimp and spices.Bahama Breeze

Oh, how I wish I had some of these shrimps right now!Bahama Breeze

Juan the Manager came over and suggested I try the Pain-Killer. He told me it was his favorite drink and that I would love it. The name alone had me a bit skeptical but to my surprise I have now become obsessed with this drink. Made of Pusser’s Dark Rum, cream of coconut, pineapple and orange juice, finished tableside with freshly ground nutmeg, this is one of the yummiest, most refreshing cocktail I’ve had in a very long time. It has now topped the list as my favorite cocktail.Bahama Breeze

Next up was the onion rings, they were delicious paired with a delicious honey mustard sauce.Bahama Breeze

Before the waitress brought out the Crab and Lobster Quesadillas, I probably would’ve told you that the Jerk Shrimp was my favorite! When this dish arrived at the table, it was a complete game changer. These were seriously the best quesadillas I’ve ever had in my entire life.  My guest echoed the same sentiments. I’m a seafood lover down to my soul and this dish made life worth living. I woke up the next day thinking about these quesadillas and even contemplated driving all the way back to the restaurant to get them. Sigh! I think I may have a slight addiction as today is now 2 days later and these are still on my mind.Bahama Breeze

The dishes kept coming….The Firecracker Shrimp was another hit at my table! Bahama Breeze was on a roll, I was beginning to wonder if everything that came out of the kitchen was pure perfection. Bahama Breeze

I love Spinach Dip and Salsa so I had to try these!
Bahama Breeze

Before we left we were given goodies from the restaurant! Everything was so cute, I love my Hula Doll and Haiwian shirt.Bahama Breeze

As we were preparing to leave dessert came out! It was Keylime Pie and it was absolutely amazing! I know how to make a great Keylime Pie myself but this one was exceptional.Bahama Breeze

Before we left the restaurant we took a quick tour, I love Bahama Breeze open kitchen layout. I just feel more secure about my food when I can see directly into the kitchen.Bahama Breeze

Friends and people who read my blog consider me a food connoisseur.  Want to know where to go to eat, they ask me! Believe me when I say Bahama Breeze is a restaurant that everyone should eat at at least once, you will keep going back. The food is great, the prices are even better and there are locations all over the U.S. Before I could even post this story one of my Instagram Followers went to Bahama Breeze the next day to try the food and drinks I’d posted on my Instagram account.


Trust me…I know good food, I will never steer you wrong.

For more information on Bahama Breeze go here.

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  • I Love the food and service at Bahama Breeze ! This is the restaurant that I would like to visit for my B-day this year !!!

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