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McDonald’s Moms Nutrition Workshop

Last Friday, I was invited to attend the McDonald’s Mom Nutrition Workshop and Fish McBites Product Sampling event. The boychild is a huge McDonald’s fan so I was excited to learn how McDonald’s and healthy eating could go hand in hand. When we think of McDonald’s we often think of fast food, that’s not always healthy for you. I can’t lie, at one point the boychild was eating more Happy Meals than I care to admit to because of my busy schedule. Then, I began to feel guilty about him eating fast food on a regular basis so our visits slowed down tremendously. So, it was important for me to attend this event to get more info on how the boychild can continue to eat his happy meals in a healthier way.

As soon as I arrived I was greeted by the friendly staff…


Miss Lori got a paparazzi shot of me.


Our host for the afternoon was Miss Lori. She talked about her experiences with feeding her children healthier options at McDonald’s and how they too love eating at the restaurant.IMG_2268

McDonald’s General Manager Polly Orlando greeted us and told us about some of the new menu items coming to the McDonald’s including the NEW Egg White Delight McMuffin! I’m very excited about egg whites being added to the menu, I absolutely love them.IMG_2272

At the event we heard from Registered Dietician Sylvia Klinger, who explained to us the commitment McDonald’s is making to provide consumers with healthier options. McDonald’s has now added nutrition information to all of their menus in the restaurant and drive thru. They have also added nutrition information on the side of most food products. We also learned that over 80% of McDonald’s food offerings are between 400-600 calories.

Sylvia also discussed the importance of making sure when you visit McDonald’s that you order a balance meal from each category: protein, vegetables and fruits and grains. At anytime you can request caloric information from the staff or go online.IMG_2271

We also got a chance to sample the new Fish McBites and I love them! Fish McBites are now being offered as a Happy Meal option for the kids. I think it’s the perfect way to add fish to your child’s diet in a delicious, non-assuming way. These lightly breaded fish bites were amazing! I love fish but I have a hard time getting the boychild to eat them, these new fish bites will be a great way to get him to eat more fish perhaps without him even realizing it(at first).

For those of you who wonder what kind of fish it is, it’s Alaska Pollock and it available in 3 sizes: snack, regular and shareable.

IMG_2259Another tidbit that I learned about McDonald’s, you can order wheat buns, light mayo, etc. I never knew that McDonald’s even had wheat buns. By making small changes you can reduce how many calories you are consuming so that your food options fit your lifestyle. Craving something specific, just ask!

602960_10151514116171696_1639637712_n I had a great time, I’m actually quite impressed with the strides McDonald’s is taking to improve and expand their food offerings. I will continue to take my son to McD’s; I look forward to seeing more improvements from McDonald’s in the near future.

*Disclaimer: I am in no way an expert on nutrition. I’m also not advocating substituting healthy eating by replacing it with fast food.

Disclosure: I wasn’t paid for this post, I received free food and coupons however the opinions are my own.

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