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Accessorize Your Phone with Fly Grip & Incipio

In case you didn’t know it, your phone is an extension of you! Last week, I decided to change my iPhone’s outfit and she has been getting so much attention ever since! I switched up her case and added a FlyGrip clip to it to give it some pizazz. People have been stopping me in stores and on the streets asking me what I did to my phone.

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The leopard and blue together just adds so much personality to a boring phone. I wanted to go with something spring-y….I know it’s not a word but you get my point.   So, I decided to go with my trusty Incipio case! I love their cases, you can always find a design that fits your mood. The last Incipio case I used got so much attention that I almost didn’t want to switch it out.

The great thing about Incipio is they make cases for all types of devices including: tablets, Microsoft Surface, Laptops and more. Check out a few of my favorites from the Spring 2013 Collection below! Incipio also makes impact resistant and waterproof cases. Between the boychild and life on the go, these cases are perfect for me.

Recently Updated72As for the Flygrip clips, they are super cool for several reasons. You can use the clip to stay active while going about your daily routine. I also like the fact it makes handling your phone much easier, you can also use the clip as a way to prop up the phone to watch videos, read and more. I was introduced to this cute phone accessory while at CES and I love it!

459721_342097789166607_1121630766_oAre you ready to update your phone’s outfit? Check out Incipio here and FlyGrip here.

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