No More Fashion’s Night Out?


While surfing the internet today I came across a message from Fashion’s Night Out! After 4 years in the United States, FNO was going on a hiatus! While I’m NOT shocked, I can say that I’m surprised!     FNO was created as a way to get consumers to spend money during the recession by dedicating a night where fashion lovers can come out and get their shop on. FNO was a night of free cocktails, appetizers, discounts and in certain locations celebrity appearances. It had become a really big deal, especially in New York! I’ve had the pleasure of attending FNO in both Chicago and New York and by far NY was the best but were people spending $$$$? I think somewhere along the lines the purpose of FNO go lost! People were coming out in droves to store hop, see celebrities and drink free booze but again was anybody spending any money! It seems to me that the stores were shelling out more cash to put on the event then what they were actually bringing in. It seems to me like the retailers have finally become hip and are backing out of the whole FNO phenomenon.

Screen Shot 2013-02-27 at 1.19.03 PMWhile, I’m sad to see FNO go, I do hope they can revamp the whole idea and bring it back in the future. Did anyone else see this coming?

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  • Gosh I’m really bummed about this! I enjoyed FNO very much!!! Totally understand why they need to do this, but it’s disappointing nonetheless.

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