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Mindless Behavior Hosts VIP Movie Screening of Mindless Behavior All Around The World!

While in New York for Fashion Week, I found some time to do a few non-fashion related events! One of those events included a VIP Movie Screening of Mindless Behavior new movie All Around The World at the Regal Theater! Now, I must admit at first I was a little embarrassed to go! After all these kids are half of my age but I decided to go with my girl Kitty anyway!

Mindless Behavior Movie ScreeningAs soon as I arrived, I knew this was definitely going to be an event I would sit back and laugh about later! Teenage girls had lined the streets and theater waiting for a chance to meet their favorite boys! I strolled up as Mindless Behavior was getting out of their limo and it was complete pandemonium! Their fans were going crazy! I was thinking oh my gawd, did I used to act like this over my favorite groups back in the day…

Once I made it inside we stood in a short VIP line to meet the boys! Girls, where crying, fixing their hair, just going wild!! I hurried up and said hello to the boys and then went inside the theater so the girls wouldn’t trample me!

Mindless Behavior Movie Screening

Mindless behavior was so cute! The crew composed of Ray-Ray, Princeton, Prodigy and Roc Royal were so sweet and composed as girls were fawning all over them. But hey, I can’t blame the girls… I would’ve done the same for New Edition or The Boys back in my day!Mindless Behavior Movie ScreeningAfter the signing it was time to view Mindless Behavior’s new movie Mindless Behavior All Around The World! The boys came out and said a few words before the movie and then it was time to get the show on the road…

Mindless Behavior Movie ScreeningThis documentary followed the success of the group, while giving us a glimpse of where it all started! I must say after seeing the boys grow from everyday boys to stars and seeing how humble they were… I am now a Mindless Behavior fan! Perhaps the best part of the movie was seeing them interact with their families! I couldn’t help but think how hard it must be to be that young and away from your family for long amounts of time! What I truly love most was the appreciation they showed their fans! Because we all know, without fans their would be no Mindless Behavior! The movie debuts in theaters March 15! Make sure you go see it,  I definitely recommend you take your kids to see this movie, it just may inspired them!

See the movie trailer below…

Congratulations guys! I’m proud of you!

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