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Swa-Rai Man: 5 Items That Should Be Included in Every Man’s Wardrobe

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It pretty much goes without saying… standing out is no longer a thing of the past.   Even guys like the double take or wardrobe stare down while in their best.  And if you ask me, it is the easiest way to command the attention of the room.

For the not-so-into fashion guy, there are only a handful of stores they frequent to upkeep their look. This is okay. There is nothing wrong with maintaining your image. However, there are a few pieces that you should add to your collection—from these very same store so that you not only stand out but enhance your wardrobe.

For the fashionable guy, we can both agree that standing out and commanding the attention of the room is the gratification needed on an outfit well done.  Simply putting on clothes and shoes are not enough to satisfy the day’s look.  You need more.  Here is where I challenge you to be creative and different.  Try new colors, patterns, shapes, and sizes.

To help out, I’ve compiled a list of my top five #TRENDsetting outfit enhancers that can turn any look into something different.  Every man should own at least three of the below items.  No need to rush out to your stores, just pay closer attention the next time you’re out.



Sunglasses never hurt your outfit, but enhance the overall look.  I prefer a black tint, however choose whatever suits you and your look.  Make sure whatever pair you get our fitted on your face.  This matters!  #BLOCKERS all day.


“You not ‘bout that life…”  But you should be.  Scarves turn any thrown together outfit into an element of sophistication.  Running out to get groceries in jogging pants with a scarf changes a lot.  #SCARFLIFE



Vintage blazers are popping up everywhere.  Even more, they are very affordable.  Go to your local thrift store, pick up one, dry clean, and there you go!  These will turn you into a trendsetter and attention getter quick!  Get you a #VINNIEB!



I’ll admit I was not to much into duffle bags until about two years ago.  Ever since, I’ve been a fan.  They keep your on the go look in tact.  They are outfit enhancers.  #Duffle



Your hand needs love too.  They deserve to be warm.  Pick up two pairs.  One to play in and one to go out with.  #Handwear

This article was written by Jerome Jackson:

Jerome L. Jackson is a resident of Chicago, Illinois and native of upstate Rochester, New York.  Jerome’s interest and experience expands from special events and philanthropic fundraising, to education policy.  He received his Bachelors in English, Professional and Technical writing and currently working on his Masters in Leadership and Policy Studies.  Writing has allowed Jerome to translate his widely-arranged thoughts, opinions, and conversations into words on paper that engages readers in thoughtful conversation amongst themselves.

Follow him on Twitter @theReal5Fifty5.

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