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Gadgets Every Attendee/ Blogger Should Take With Them to the Consumer Electronics Show (CES)

In a few days, I will be leaving to head to Vegas for my first Consumer Electronics Show and I’m super excited! I’m not a tech person by trade but I’m a gadget lover! I’ve always loved and had to have all the latest gadgets/technology! I’ve slowed down on buying as many gadgets as I used to in the past but it hasn’t stopped me from keeping up with what’s new! You know it’s bad when besides clothing stores your next favorite store is Best Buy… Seriously, all the employees at Best Buy know me! But I digress….

While, this is my first Consumer Electronics Show (CES), I’m no stranger to Expos and/or conferences so I came up with this list of items every attendee and/or blogger should take with them to CES!Gadgets to take to CES

  • Tablet with Keyboard: Instead of a laptop, I’m taking the New Microsoft Surface! It’s much easier to blog/work from than a tablet and with a full keyboard you will be able to take notes and record seamlessly!
  • Headphones– I’m taking my Sony X Headphones because they have the best sound quality I’ve heard so far! The cushions on them make it easier to wear for an extended period. Perfect for the plane ride!
  • Camera– I’m taking my Sony A55 because it’s easier for me to use but I won’t be carrying it around the entire time because I don’t want to have anything bulky, weighing me down.
  • Smartphone: I’m taking my iPhone 5 because it takes great pictures and is much lighter than my camera!
  • iPad- I’m taking my iPad as back up! This will ensure if anything goes wrong with my other gadgest I’m still ready for the what the Expo will bring!
    Gadgets to take to CES
  • Last but not least, I want to ensure I stay connected so I will be taking my NetZero 4G Hotspot. This will be perfect for those places that don’t have free Wi-Fi! It’s important to me that I be able to keep you guys updated and in a timely manner! This is a must for me because I can connect up to 8 gadgets at once!

Gadgets to take to CES

One tip I’ve gotten from my fellow bloggers is to keep it light! If you must bring heavy objects with you to work, I suggest leaving them in your hotel room! There is nothing worse than having to lug around tons of equipment, your back will thank you later!

Did I miss something? What gadgets are you taking to CES??

Disclosure: I was provided the Microsoft Surface and NetZero Hotspot, opinions are all my own!

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