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On Saturday, I was invited to have lunch with the good folks over at Elasta QP! The lunch held at the Pump Room in Chicago was attended by some of Chicago’s top influencers! Elasta QP brought us together to introduce us to their new Olive Oil & Mango Butter Collection. For those of you who aren’t familiar with Elasta QP, they are a hair company that has been around for over 30  years. I’ve been a fan of Elasta QP for years, so it was great to have a chance to learn more about the company in an intimate setting! This is Elasta QP’s first natural hair collection which can also be used on natural hair. According to Elasta QP these are the perfect products for those of you who are transitioning from relaxed to natural hair.

Check out pictures from the event below…

The food at the Pump Room was delicious, Elasta QP truly fed us well!

How cute are the models? I seriously, love their hair! Their hair was styled by Celebrity Stylist Tasheara Neshell using Elasta QP new Olive Oil and Mango Butter Collection!

The collection includes Moisture Shampoo $6.99, Leave-IN H2 Conditioner $6.99, Growth Moisturizer $6.99, Growth Oil $6.99 Leave-In Conditioner $6.99, Curl Pudding $6.99, Moisturizer $6.99 and Curl Wax for $6.99.

Tasheara telling us how she uses Elasta QP to achieve her desired look!

As we were leaving, we were gifted with products from the new line. I can’t wait to give them a try and report back to you guys!

My love Iman was in the house!

Here, I am doing what I do best, running my mouth!

Thanks Elasta QP for the invite!

To learn more about Elasta QP and all of their products go to

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