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Tips for Taking Care of your Heart during Thanksgiving….

It’s Thanksgiving time so that means lots of food and alcoholic beverages…

While we here at Bleeding Heart Project want you to have fun it’s very important that you remember these tips for taking care of your heart during the holiday season!

As we begin preparations for Thanksgiving, it is important that we are consciously aware of our intake of wine.  Too much wine with dinner can trigger abnormal heart rhythms.  This is often referred to as “holiday heart syndrome.” This is when the heart beat is irregular and it beats faster than normal.  The most common type of abnormal heart rhythms is atrial fibrillation, which is when the upper heart chambers quiver instead of contracting regularly, allowing blood to pool inside the heart.  If too much of this occurs, it can cause congestive heart failure or stroke.  If your heart starts racing, stop drinking and sit down.  Try drinking some cold water, it will reset the heart rhythm.

Another important thing to remember is that heavy meals can trigger heart problems.  Salty gravies and stuffing can cause a significant rise in blood pressure, forcing the heart to work overtime.  Everything is about moderation.  You can eat and /or drink, but don’t get crazy with it.  Your family and I need you around, so take care of your heart peeps.

From the Bleeding Heart Project family, we are thankful for your continued support and we wish you a Happy Thanksgiving!

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