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Swa-Rai Review: Ninja Cooking System x Thanksgiving 2012

I don’t know what got into me this past Thanksgiving but I was on a cooking spree! The problem is, I don’t have a huge kitchen but I had a lot of cooking to do! I decided to start cooking the day before so I would be ahead of the game. This year, I had a secret weapon….my Ninja Cooking System!

When, I tell you guys this is the best invention since the light bulb, please believe me!

I started off by slow cooking my Turkey Breast in the Ninja Cooking System then I switched it over to the Stovetop setting to create the gravy…

My family said it was so tender and juicy they couldn’t stop eating it!

Then I used the Ninja Cooking to cook my chicken breast for my Cajun chicken salad!

….Again my chicken was so tender!

My Chicken Salad was soooo good! The chicken was so tender!

The Ninja Cooking System truly saved me this Thanksgiving! Every kitchen should have one! You can do so many things with the Ninja from Slow Roasting to Stovetop Cooking!

Get your Ninja Cooking System here!

I don’t know why I cooked so much food but hey… I was in the mood!

Look at my Grandma sitting there like she cooked all the food…smh!

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