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Outfit Post: The Boychild’s Swag

I never really do this but I had to! My son wears uniforms to school so he rarely gets to show his swag! Today, the kids got a pass from school so it was his opportunity to show his classmates and teachers what he was really made of!

He celebrated his birthday earlier this week but didn’t get a chance to wear the outfit I got him so he decided he wanted to put it on today!

The boychild is rocking a Jordan Jogging Suit that I found at Marshalls, while looking for pieces for the Marshalls challenge I participated in on, he’s also wearing his new Jordans! Can you tell he thinks he is handsome today!

I got this jogging suit for less than $25 full price was $90! Gotta love a deal!!

Somebody has been watching mommy pose to much!

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