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UbiChamps: CSI Miami Heat Wave Game Review

There’s nothing I love more than a good mystery! Whether it’s a tv show or a game, we love to figure out things in my household!

Recently, I was asked to review UbiChamps: CSI Miami Heat Wave Game. A game that you can play through Facebook!


The game was pretty cool, I got a chance to pick my own character and from there we were off to solve crime!

You see me, I’m the girl on the left…lol

At the start of the game Horatio gives us the details we need to solve the case! From there you are asked to search for evidence, after you gotten all the evidence then it’s off to the lab!

Once you’ve stopped at the lab then you round-up all the suspects for a chance to interrogate them! After you are done going through suspects then it’s your turn to solve the case!

Over all, it’s a great game! I had a fun going through the different scenarios in search of the killer! To make this game even better you can invite your Facebook friends to play with you! So if crime fighting is your thing then check out CSI Miami Heat Wave on Facebook!

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