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Brookfield Zoo Presents: Creatures of the Night

Sunday night the family headed to Brookfield Zoo for Creatures of the Night! 

I don’t know who had more fun me or the boychild!

We started the night off at the Trail of Terror Haunted House… The guy you see above is actually a guest but he was in true Halloween Spirit!

Waiting in line and the boychild has no idea what’s about to happen…lol

More haunted house fun!

The boychild is like mommy, I don’t want to go that way! lol

After having such a great time in the haunted house we headed over to see the Xtreme Bugs event, which was super cool!

What’s a trip to the Zoo, without the boychild getting something!

I was dying laughing the man below was chasing all the kids around the Zoo.

Then we headed over to the Haunted Tram to get a ride the Zombieville!

That too was a ton of fun…

What’s a trip to the zoo, without going the maize??

We’ve been through the maize a lot of times but never at night! It seems like it took us forever to get out of there! But then again we did let the boychild lead….

Then we headed over to see the Pumpkin Executioner! That was fun as well…

Time to head home, it was well past the boychild’s bedtime but we had a great time! I live for these family moments…. especially during the holiday season! Great job Brookfield Zoo, we had an amazing time.

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